Beauty Product Reviews

Lovely :)

One of my absolute favorite Ardell lashes. Sooo lightweight. Natural-looking, yet full at the same time. Great value/price. I'm very picky about false lashes because I have monolids, and thicker bands make it very uncomfortable to wear. But the bands on most Ardell lashes are thin and very flexible - Making it easier and definitely a lot more comfortable to wear all day.

I've got these blushes in Dolce Pink and Luminoso. Adore them! Definitely two of my favorite drugstore blushes. I love the subtle glow it gives to the cheeks, just the right amount of shimmer and pigmentation. I was sort've skeptical at first to try these because Milani products are..."eh" as far as quality goes (in my opinion). But these blushes really impressed me. :)

One of my faves!

I picked up 902C not too long ago, and absolutely LOVE it. It's the perfect nude for my skintone. A bit drying, but a little gloss over top is stunning. It's perfect for any every day look or paired with smokey eyes. I also love that it's matte, as I've really been into matte lipsticks. I may have to try the other shades now! :)

Favorite drugstore eyeshadows

Wet 'N Wild has definitely out-done themselves with these eyeshadow palettes. They are one of my favorite eyeshadows now! They're so pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend. Defintely recommend them to anyone who is looking for good quality/inexpensive at the same time.

Love these!

Too creamy to be used by itself/it does crease, but awesome under your eyeshadow. (Apply a thin layer on your lid). Makes the eyeshadow colour so much more vibrant! One of my favorite products :)

Will not repurchase.

I was a little disappointed by this concealer. Really, I wanted to like it. Lol but let me start off with the positives, lol. This is definitely a heavy duty concealer, without a doubt. Just a little bit provides ALOT of coverage, which I found really nice. It comes in a squeezable tube - Another big plus for me because I'm a hygiene-conscience freak. LOL. Negatives - The formula is quick thick and sticky, and even using a tiny amount + finishing powder for my under-eye circles, I noticed a bit of creasing. Also, I noticed that it has a little bit of a greenish tint to it. Not the good kind that cancels out your, a grudgy, pale green that is NOT flattering at all. Lastly - their shades are VERY limited. I believe there are only 2 you can choose from.

LOVE using this as an eyeshadow base, there is no creasing whatsoever! You can really just wear it on your lids by itself, too. Definitely a must-have for me. :)