Beauty Product Reviews

So awesome. I have the first lipgloss in that picture and it is the most gorgeous color ever. It's a frosty white with green, blue, yellow, pink, purple and more sparkles in it. It looks amazing over any lip color and really stands out. I get so many compliments on it. It is not too sticky and when I show people the light, they automatically want one as well. Who doesn't want a lipgloss you can use in a power outage?!

This cleanser has a very calming clean scent that feels so non irritating on my skin that it is just a joy to use in the shower. It takes off all of my makeup and makes my skin feel so clean. It is extremly gentle for my sensitive skin and does not make me breakout. You can get this in your eyes and it won't sting at all. The best everyday cleanser.

This is my daily moisturizer. It does the most for adding moisture to my overly dry skin. However, it does take a while to sink in and apply with a light hand because it can be extremly greasy if you apply too much. I love the way it makes my foundation look and once you learn how to use it, you will love it.

Love these! I have big apple blush and pink plaza ( I think? haha) These are so easy to apply and super blendable. They are extremly pigmented and the colors are very natural looking on the cheek. They have a lot of product in them to last a long time and they are also long lasting on the cheeks. There are so many good things about these but you should just try them for yourself!

These smell like vanilla and look decent on the lips. However, they don`t feel that moisturizing and they are extremly sticky. Having to use your fingers to apply them is a negative because they are super sticky so you have to wash your hands afterwards. They don`t last very long and I own two very different colors but they appear the same on the lips. I haven`t barely made a dent in the two that I have. They`d last a long time but even longer because I never use them. This is a miss for me.

This is a very pretty blush but it is extremly bright pink (not natural at all) and super shimmery. I have used just the white part as a highlight but it is still pink in the light so if you want just a natural glowy everyday highlight, this isn`t for you. I did enjoy this but I wouldn`t buy it again. The highlighter was too shimmery and pink and it looked very fake on my cheeks.

I was pretty sceptical about using this product but it really works. Just dip your finger in and move it around and it should rub it off within a few seconds. It can remove glitter polish but it rips at the foam in the container so I wouldn`t reccomend doing so. This lasted me about three months and I did enjoy it. It`s easier than pulling out the cotton swabs and remover but it`s not as precise.

These are all extremly opaque after just one coat. Sometimes they may be a bit streaky but they have a very nice thick formula that glides on. The brush is very thick and rounded so it applies into every space accuratley and I haven't been dissapointed with a single color yet. I have Mint Sprint and Snappy Sorbet.

I have so many of these and I love every single one. There is not a single one that I don't enjoy. To list a favorite I'd say Celeb City, a super opaque metallic silver with shimmer, and many more. Try any of these and I am sure you won't be dissapointed.

I picked this up without really thinking about it. After squirting some in my hand and rubbing it onto my eyes, I then realized that I had just made my entire eye area black and I was going to have to do some serious clean up. I wouldn't reccomend this. After applying the lotion, I rubbed around my makeup a bit and then had to use my makeup removing wipes to remove the mess. Good idea but ya....

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