Beauty Product Reviews

i really like it , it has some great colours ! but it doesn't stay on for as long as i'd like it to . i find myself reapplying it a lot .

it's not bad , i don't hate it . i've used better and i don't use that brush , i used a more angled one . but it's pretty good for it's price !

i like these , but i hate how it's such a huge stick for not that much product . you can't even twist it up for more of the product or anything ..unless i'm missing out on something LOL . and they crease really easily .

i enjoy the felt tip . the formula takes a while to dry fully and stuff . i'll get streaky lines if i don't keep my eyes closed to let it dry . but i still used this for a longgg time until i stopped using liquid liners .

one of my favourite powders , ever . enough said !

CARBON BLACK <3 ! my absolute favourite . and vanilla is my all-time highlighter .