Beauty Product Reviews

Great deal, especially if new to the brand!

I am a guilty-pleasure fan of Jerseylicious, so I could not wait to buy this palette! I had only used the soft matte lip creme from NYX prior to this, so it was a great value for me. I love the bronzers and blushes. I use them almost every day--great for playing around with contouring! The eyeshadows are very pigmented, but a little on the sparkly side for my every day looks. Glosses were great, too! I love a daily dose of Jersey and am an official NYX fan!

LoveLove this thick, oh-so-moisturizing cream!

This is the perfect hydrator for my dry, thirsty skin! It has the lightest scent, soaks in fast and moisturizes all day long. It's super-concentrated and you feel it working as soon as you rub it in! I love this cream!

So luxurious! Smells delicious!

I love every L'Occitane product I have ever used...especially the hand cream and body butter! I just got a new gift set for Christmas and it had this shower oil in it. I am hooked! Just a little bit in your hand or on a loofah, a little splash of water and indulgent, creamy lather ensues!!! I have savored my showers even more with the soft and decadent scented oil! Oh, and it doesn't have that cloying almond-extract kind of smell, either. Mmm, soft and subtle and so moisturizing!

So pure and non-greasy/irritating

A lot of oils that say they can be used on skin as well as hair have heavy scents and can be irritating on sensitive skin. I love that the only ingredient in this is organic argan oil! There's no added fragrance and is so gentle on my face. Just a few drops and skin is hydrated without feeling greasy. It adds an immediate glow, I swear! I have needed to add an additional moisture layer during the winter months, though I almost always use this first. I rub any extra on hands, hair ends and elbows.

Better than the original

As a professional hairstylist, I get to use all sorts of these goodies! I used to keep a bottle of their original protein reconstructor in the shower, but this I'll grab again! Especially helpful since I've gone blonde again, this really moisturizes and softens, without weighing fragile hair down. I use it about twice a week, and love the smell!

Probably my fave hair oil!!!

I have used many, many oils designed for hair!!! As a professional hairstylist, I use them all, but this is probably one of the best I've used. It's smell reminds me of Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist, and it's texture is very light. I color and abuse my hair more than the average girl, but this is the one oil that actually makes my hair look and feel smooth, shiny and healthy! Love!

Not the best I've tried

As a professional hairstylist and mother of two, I have used my share of dry shampoos. I got a full size bottle of this when I ordered the Allure beauty box last summer and was psyched to try it...I was less than impressed despite my high hopes.

The scent reminds me of citronella candles and lasts until you actually wash your hair. It seemed to stay wet quite a bit longer than others, as well. My head felt cold! I didn't think it absorbed oil or boosted volume very well, either.

All in all, I keep it in my drawer as back up, but don't seem to reach for it all that often.