Beauty Product Reviews

i was very dissapointed with this product. it does nothing for your lashes, and it smells REALLY bad :(

i really like this product :) it seperated my lashes really well and made them very full and volumous :)

this is what essencially made my skin so pretty and flawless today :) i started using it when i was 12 and its been my favorite skin care system to date. i use the dramatically different moisturizing gel instead of the lotion though, because the lotion is too thick for my skin.

this is my absolute favorite MAC product ever!! its an awesome setting powder, and never looks cakey :)

carbon is the greatest black eyeshadow known to man kind!! its pigmented, but not too pigmented to the point where you get crazy fallout

I LOVE this lipstick!! I wear it all the time for a nice nudey orange lip, which sounds weird, but looks great with almost everything!! the pigmentation is incredible!!