Beauty Product Reviews

I first had a chance to sample this product when I was given a much smaller version at my local drugstore and It worked so well! Before using this product I was using the DeadSea Minerals nail buffer and it did work but it was $60 for the set! This product is only about $6 and I found that it worked so much better. Its actually pretty big too! It left my nails with a beautiful healthy looking shine for about a week, the only thing i do not like about using this is that it makes polish application really hard, you have to almost buff the shine out completely before you can paint your nails or it wont dry properly.

I love this product! When i bought it for the first time it was on sale for $4 so I thought I would give it a try and I'm so glad I did. When you love to do your nails often but have a hard time waiting for the polish to dry before you can go on with your day without ruining it you want this! It will dry your nails completely! in seconds. It does leave a little bit of oil around your nail but I just rubbed it in to the skin and it worked great as a moisturizer. The smell was a little harsh, but the results are worth it!


This stuff is so perfect to use as a self tanner! You look flawless head to toe. I use this all the time for any formal engagements where i really want a nice tan/perfect looking skin and it does the trick each and every time! The price is great and I have even found that it will not rub off or wash off/streak if you get your skin wet with it on.

I love the scent of this, however when it first came out it was $60 just for the bottle alone! the top part goes so fast, and I noticed that it didnt last on me the way Ed Hardy does (which is what i think it smells exactly like). The bottle is cute but I wouldnt buy this again unless it was much cheaper.


this smells.. AMAZING! so perfect for spring/summer. It will wear on you all day and then some. The price for the size is great also. Everytime that i would wear this people commented on how great it was. I would buy this again for myself or gift it.