Beauty Product Reviews

One of my favorites!

I love Inglot and will def be getting more. I have had my 10 and 5 freedom systems for over a year now and you can hardly tell I've even used them! I absolutely love the finish, the choices of color. The fact that you can choose what you want to put in the palette is awesome, and the price is amazing for personal and professional use!

Made me fall in love with creme finishes!

I was a glitter polish girl ALL THE WAY! Loved duochromes and glitters....and put glitter over everything! UNTIL - the POTC came out. I love this collection, I love the finish, I love the application and I love the colors. It doesn't exactly portray to many what "Pirates" are all about but that's okay...the colors are spectacular and so fun! I thought I would hate Planks a lot and I got it BOGO at Ulta, I love it!

Not the best formula

As everyone else said before, this is NOT the best shatter OPI has come out with. I hope they revisited the "foiled/glittery" shatters formulas when making the Turquoise one! I can get mine to crack but it's difficult and it hates a lot of different polishes. It WILL not crack over matte formulas, esp. Zoyas Mod Mattes. It's also very hard to get a thin coat of that and I think that is the main problem. I still like it, mainly for the look it produces but it's not my favorite at all.

My fav shatter!

I love the black shatter, because it can pretty much go with anything. I thought I was getting burnt out on Crackle/Shatter polishes but I just ordered a bottle of OPI Black Shatter and I love it! The brush is amazing compared to my Crackle Glaze brushes, and it went on fairly well. I got completely linear shatters but that's okay! I can deal with that for the lack of hassle I had putting it on! =)

Good to use as a base!

I feel that using the paint pot alone, it does crease throughout the day. I always use a primer underneath of it, but it is a wonderful base for extra shimmery shadows. It def makes my blue eyes pop.

It's great, not my fav color.

I love this primer, It doesn't crease or leave my eyeshadow splotchy or looking horrible. It keeps everything in place. I use it every day but I prefer the Eden color in the new tube over the original version.

Awesome Lip Balm!

I love these lip balms. I have tried a ton to actually keep my lips moisturized during the months I need it most, since I hate heavy "medicated" creams. These are for sure the best I've tried! I have the sweet mint, lemon, and summer fruit. The Summer fruit is my favorite. I take one wherever I go!