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  • DIY Lash Conditioner

    DIY Lash Conditioner

    Having full and natural lashes is something many of us crave! Though we can't change the lashes we have from the inside, we can use topical treatments to help your eyelashes grow healthier and longer! Give these natural eyelash conditioners recipes a try to achieve longer, thicker, and fuller lashes.

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  • The Best Body Scrubs
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    The Best Body Scrubs

    Whether you’re sloughing off the splotchy renmants of your summer tan or prepping for the drier fall and winter months, body scrubs are an autumn skin care must-have. Here are our favorite skin smoothing formulas.

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  • Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    When you first start playing with beauty products, there are terms people say online that you might not know yet. Don’t worry, Beauties, we'll help you learn to follow a makeup tutorial with ease. Keep reading for definitions of those seemingly foreign words and abbreviations!

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  • Dramatic Lash Inspiration

    Dramatic Lash Inspiration

    False lashes are a fantastic way to dress up any look and they can be used for more than just every day looks. Whether you’re going to a costume party or a funky concert, these Beauties can inspire you to make your eyes colorful and flirty.

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  • Age-Old Beauty Remedies
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    Age-Old Beauty Remedies

    Sometimes the best beauty remedies are the oldest. We take a look at some of the vintage makeup fixes that are still working today.

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  • Halloween Makeup Inspiration

    Halloween Makeup Inspiration

    With Halloween fast approaching, you’ll want to make sure that you look your best on the festive holiday! Everyone is dressed to impress on the one day of the year when you have a fun excuse to be whoever you want to be and you don’t want to be... the only person without a costume. There are many places to find inspiration, whether it comes from history, pop culture, or movies. Keep reading for ideas that will get the ball rolling!

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