Editorial: Foot & Leg Treatments

  • Fix Funky Winter Feet

    Fix Funky Winter Feet

    Do you take off your shoes and encounter a funky smell? Is there cracked, dry skin plaguing your heels? Don’t be embarrassed! Foot issues can get worse in the wintertime because of bacteria-laden boots, steamy socks, and neglect. Keep reading for some expert advice on how to keep your feet in tip top shape.

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  • The Perfect Accessory for Your NYE Mini

    The Perfect Accessory for Your NYE Mini

    Wearing a thigh-high mini this New Year's Eve? Before you hike up that hemline, give your limbs a much needed makeover with our guide for achieving glam gams—without hitting the gym!

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  • Barefoot Beauty

    Barefoot Beauty 

    Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent dishes about bad behavior from her customers. Would you walk into a store (and up to a makeup counter!) barefoot? Gross! Protect your feet with these great products.

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