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  • Food Guilt: What's Normal?

    Food Guilt: What's Normal?

    Beauties, do you feel guilty about eating a block of chocolate or find yourself thinking about food all day long? It might be time to rethink your relationship with food. We spoke with a nutrition specialist to find out what a good, healthy relationship with food really means.

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  • Get Hair Like Edward and Bella

    Get Hair Like Edward and Bella

    Twilight lead hairstylist Beatrice De Alba teamed up with PRO Beauty Tools to create limited edition, Twilight-inspired styilng tools. That's right Beauties, you can get the same curls, waves, and crimps as those gorgeous silver-screen vamps.

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  • Decoding Hair Product Types
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    Decoding Hair Product Types

    Sometimes, a fabulous haircut just isn’t enough for DIY glamour. Find out which hair products work best for your hair’s texture and length!

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  • Client Advice from Makeup Artist/Psychologist Jenna Menard

    Client Advice from Makeup Artist/Psychologist Jenna Menard

    Having a psychology degree comes in handy when Clinique's Global Colour Artist Jenna Menard has to calm down difficult clients. Here, Jenna shares some great tips and advice for makeup artists everywhere.

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  • Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist
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    Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist

    Working with clients like Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff is a red carpet beauty expert. Here, Ashunta shares her makeup tips on everything from applying false lashes to looking good in the spotlight.

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  • Andrew Sotomayor on Makeup Brushes

    Andrew Sotomayor on Makeup Brushes 

    Makeup brushes can transform our looks from simple to downright intricate looks—but with so many different types and brands, are they worth the splurge? Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor guest posts for Beautylish on his take whether or not to splurge on makeup brushes and his favorite picks.

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  • Spotlight On: Linda Rodin

    Spotlight On: Linda Rodin

    Legendary fashion stylist Linda Rodin didn't set out to become a beauty maven. She started mixing her cult-favorite Rodin Olio Lusso by hand in a coffee cup on her bathroom counter. The gorgeously-scented blend of essential oils is now a must-have among models and the fashion flock. Here, Linda lets Beautylish into her New York City apartment (where Olio Lusso was born!) and shares her story of how she went from fashionista to beauty entrepreneur.

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  • Spotlight On: Makeup Artist Shauna O'Toole

    Spotlight On: Makeup Artist Shauna O'Toole

    We caught up with Funny or Die's makeup artist, Shauna O'Toole and got her to spill what her favorite beauty products are!

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  • Oscar Beauty Chat with Celebrity Makeup Artist Matthew Vanleeuwen

    Oscar Beauty Chat with Celebrity Makeup Artist Matthew Vanleeuwen

    We caught up with Hollywood makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen (the makeup artist behind Marisa Tomei’s radiant Oscar beauty look) right after the biggest night in Hollywood. Read our Q&A and learn his best beauty tips on the red carpet.

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