Beauty Product Reviews

like it a lot

Got this in the lash samplers that sephora sells and i have to say that i really liked it. it never clumps up or dried hard even if you use a lot of coats. it added a lot of length and a shiny black finish, but like i said what i liked the most about it was how it never got hard or brittle and i like to load on the coats!

Perfect sunlit effect on the cheeks!

Great matte bronzer for the cheeks and every other area you want to imitate the sunlight hitting. I would not use this for contouring on the nose as I opt for a more grey toned shadow looking color but for the face this is one of the greatest bronzers. One compact will last use forever and it is decadently smooth. Delicious . Yes, it does smell great as well. Opt for the MINI at sephora to try it out , tht alone will last you a few months and if you love it which you will dont hesitate at at the 29$ price tag, it will last forever!

Beautiful Pigmented Colors

I recently swatched this and had to have it. The colors are so beautifully pigmented when I swatched it in front of my mom she instantly noticed how pretty it would look against a more tanned complexion. Smooth butterly colors that lasted on a swatch on my hands for hours, and on the eyes with the shadow insurance mini do just the same. Love it.

Beautiful, bright pink. Fresh. Adriana Lima looking lips are what I got when I used this gloss. It lasts forever. It is sticky but thats why it lasts so long. Smells great with a mild flavor.

Good for fair girls

I was sooo excited to buy this but i find myself longing for a new concealer just a week after. And let me tell you, I own about 10 concealers lol. Dont wanna repeat so everyhing said AMber said was pretty much spot on. I would just stray away from purchasing this if you are medium to darker toned where I bought this ost of the oncealers are too light for me and Im a shade of tan.