Beauty Product Reviews

Great formula... best used with a good brush!

I tried this in the black because I needed a new every day liner... the formula is great. It glides on smoothly and stays all day.

But I found the 'applicator' to be thoroughly useless for an everyday liner. I use this with an angled eyeliner brush (I'm a fan of a slightly winged eye) and it works perfectly but trying to do that with the liner alone was a nightmare! I tried it on my waterline too and it was far too strong for every day wear but would be great for an after dark look.

Over all I think as is this eyeliner would be better suited in lighter/metallic/less mistake displaying colours but if you use a brush with it it's a great liner.

New winter lip staple!

I remember once buying Lush's Egg Snog lip balm a few years ago and loving it so I figured I'd give Honey Trap a try too.

I liked the scent, not too over powering like a lot of balms. It definitely does it's job for moisturising... there's lots of beeswax in it (according to the sales lady) so it has a slightly stickier texture but that helps keep it on your lips, doing it's job.

You can definitely feel the peppermint working and unlike a lot of drugstore lip balms I only have to apply this once or twice a day (opposed to once or twice every couple of hours!).

Still hoping they'll bring Egg Snog back one day but until they do... I'll stick with this!

New favourite!

I'm not going to lie... I picked this mascara totally at random and I love it so much I now have it in both waterproof and washable!

It doesn't quite give the same effect as false eyelashes (but let's be honest no mascara really could) but it does a wonderful job of separating and lengthening.

I actually like that it has a thinner consistency as it doesn't weigh down my lashes and stops it flaking everywhere... a problem I often have with thicker mascaras on my thin little lashes!