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Love, but must prep lips first

I love these lipsticks. The packaging is so pretty, and the product itself isn't bad. Lipstick glides on well and does wear nicely through the day. Lips do need to be prepped, otherwise it will cling to dry skin and flake, as the day wears on. I recommend using moisturizing with a good lip oil/balm or mask before applying. Do also recommend lining

OK pencils

I have a few of these. I love Charlotte stuff so much, but I have to say these pencils are only "so so" for me. The color range could use some love, and I think that although the pencil is nicely packaged, it is cheaply made. I also feel as though I go through these pencils, quicker than my other ones; and not because Im using them more. I just feel as though I am having to sharpen these more. For the price and for what the product does, I would rather my MAC pencils.


Bought this on a whim. Salesgirl talked me into it. Have repurchased it four times already, since discovering at the end of March. It's a lovely finely milled powder. It does have an interesting blurring effect. There really is something unique about the formula. It goes on so smooth, and feels nice on the skin. I think it compliments my foundation, and give me a nice seamless look.

Major downside of this powder is, there is SO LITTLE IN THE COMPACT. I hit pan on my first one, 3 wks after I bought it. That's when I did the numbers, and starting flipping over every compact I owned to compare. I do like the product though, and that's why I've repurchased, but definitely be aware, that there is not a lot of product in this compact.

It also does slightly oxidize on you. Im fair skinned, and it does read a little yellow on me after about 30 minutes on.


Cant say enough good things about this product. Very cheap. I had an MUA give it me when I was crying about banana powder, and how I couldn't bake or set myself with it because I was too fair. Fell in love with this one. Every fair-medium complected girl should have this. Does not leave a white cast. I buy 3 and 4 bottles at a time. It's always on my vanity. I recommend it to every one.

Powder is also good for oily hair when you're out of dry shampoo.


I was really expecting so much from this foundation. Everyone I know that has it, loves it. For me, I think this is an OK foundation. It has a very unusual muted yellow tone to it, as well as a strong scent; which does not dissipate through the day.

For me, application is tricky. The foundation did not go on as smoothly as what I would have liked. It is very thick, which had me excited, because I love full coverage foundations, but this one goes on patchy. I think that may be the SPF. I can't get consistent coverage like what I want. I've tried the foundation a few times, and Ive tried a variety of techniques for trying to get it to sit right on my skin, but I just can't not make it work. I tried with and without primers, but I just can't get it even on me, and I never have this problem. It is a heavy foundation; felt like am older stage cream based foundation. For the amount of foundation I am putting on to try and make it this lay evenly, it should be have worked. I can see this being a nightmare on dry skin.

It is also not a long lasting foundation. It breaks down after a few hours of wear. If you're wearing to work, you might not make it past lunch.

Learned to love this

Picked this up a when it first launched a while back, and I have learned to love it. I use it on myself, as well as clients. This is one that you do have to work into the skin, which I initially did not realize. You gotta really work it in, before foundation, in order to achieve the right look.

If you are using it twice a day, you will notice a difference if you have normal/dry/combo skin. It is moisturizing, and will give you a glow on legit no makeup days.

Oily skin crowd may not like this one, I don't use it on my more oily clients.

I like using this bronzer on myself, as well as clients; particularly my teen and under 25 crowd. I think it gives a very healthy and vibrant look. Works great on fair-light skin, without making you look orange. Very buildable. No glitter or sparkles, and doesn't clog pores.


I had really high hopes for this product, and was sadly left very disappointed. The tube doesn't feel full. It takes like 100 clicks to get anything out, and then you only get a little out, and it takes 100 more clicks to get more out. The product itself came out the color I expected it to come out, but you have to work with it fast, otherwise it will stay in place. For all the clicking Ive done, I just can't get enough product out. Not worth the money.

New Love!

I have fine hair, and was talked into buying this shampoo, over the regular black bottle Oribe one that I had been using. Have definitely seen a difference in my hair. Little bit of product goes a long way. The shampoo works itself into a really rich lather. To me it is well worth the splurge. Will continue to repurchase.

New love!

I have fine hair, and was talked into buying this conditioner, over the regular black bottle Oribe one that I had been using. Have definitely seen a difference in my hair. Little bit of product goes a long way. To me it is well worth the splurge. Will continue to repurchase.

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