Beauty Product Reviews


These eyeshadows are very powdery, that's why they seem so pigmented when you swatch them. Unless you use them super carefully, you'll get a lot of fallout, and they can look rather patchy. If you use really good bases and don't have a problem with fixing the fallout, than it's definitely a basic that you need. Just don't expect the world out of it.

It's Okay...

I consider myself to have normal/combination skin in that I can get oily in my t-zone, but my cheeks are normal, though I have a lot of issues with acne. Because of that, I don't want to under-moisturize my skin. I have this in the level 3, which is for combination skin. I have to do two layers of it, otherwise, my skin still feels tight. So maybe this would work for people with oily skin, but unless you really do, it just isn't enough.