Beauty Product Reviews

looking good!

I love bedhead products and this is nothing short of great. The smell is sweet but not overpowering and the effect is noticeable. I spray the product into my dry, unstyled hair and then continue with the routine. This adds some texture and volume from the roots. Occasionally, I'll spray some into damp hair and blow-dry it with a round brush to really pump up the volume. The product describes that as a "glam slam" and I would agree. My only negative would be the texture it leaves on your hair. It's not the same as hairspray, but if there is a concentrated amount at your scalp it may itch and it not really begging any boys to run their fingers through your hair--it would get tangled up quickly!

Use with caution

I really enjoy Bedhead products and own quite a few. I bought this on a whim and was discouraged by the lack of detail in description of use. That being said, the product smells great and has noticable effect. However it caused my hair to get greasy quickly so I learned to you a VERY small amount when styling.

"Follow Me on Glitter" is a dark shade with a lot of glitz and glam :)

I love OPI and went looking for a NYE color. Thankfully, I found the Kardashian line which includes "Follow Me on Glitter" which is packed with black base, black glitter, silver glitter, and subtle pops of pink, blue and green. Most of the swatches I've seen look more metallic and silver than the nail polish actually looks. I really, really loved the color. However, it dries rough (even when I used OPI's Chip Skip top coat) but lasts for a few days without chipping. I had no problem removing the color when I wanted to try a different shade.


I LOVE nail polish! I saw a sale at CVS and decided to branch out from China Glaze, Sinful Colors, and OPI and try a pale purple and a mint shade of revlon nail polish. Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled. Revlon doesn't cover evenly, by the time you dip the brush again the polish on the nail is a different texture and each swipe makes it streaky. Additionally, I didn't think the wear was that great. I used OPI base coat and finished with OPI chip-skip but I still felt that there were many cracks and chips before there should have been. Overall, the shades are appealing but the quality is....leaving something to be desired.

Epic Volume might be an overstatement, but i'm glad I own this product!

I LOVE Bedhead products and I was super pumped to find this at Ulta! In the 25.36oz bottle, this product can run about $30 for the shampoo and roughly the same for the bottle of conditioner. I guess I was meant to have this, though, because it was on sale for $9.99!

Of course, the first thing I noticed was the fragrance it gave off. The smell is GREAT. It's very sweet; a great berry scent that smells more like candy than fruit and I was so surprised to find the scent really lingered on my hair long after I styled it.

It's a very thick formula which works into a decent lather, but i recommend wringing some of the water out of your hair and working it up in your hands first. (I recommend a very water-saturated head before applying the conditioner--it made my hair greasy a little too quickly when used daily or without a lot of water)

Overall, I was really pleased with the shampoo but thought the conditioner might be a little too oily. However, when I reduced the application of conditioner it worked out really well. It's light weight and leaves hair very manageable, but not super soft unless you have used the conditioner. it might be a little more high maintenance than I was hoping, but Bedhead always delivers overall!