Beauty Product Reviews

Everybody love this product but I find it actually dries out my lips more and I hate the scent! I will not repurchase, I think there are many better lip balms out there that are not so overpriced!

Perfect for everyday and going out! I love the pigmentation!

I love this and think it's the perfect travel make up palette. I find it appropriate for all ages and the quality is wonderful! I've worn this everyday since I've had it and don't plan to stop soon. I love that you can create so many looks with just a few shadows!

I find that these are actually just black with a little glitter of a colour. I do like them though for some reason. I have been using them with lighter colours from other brands, just using them as on outer corner and/or crease colour and they look rally nice. I will say you do have to get a lot of product on yours brush and there will some serious fall out, so I would say put this on before your foundation. I have one other comment about this which isn't really anything but just something I've noticed: When you first open these they smell, like a factory. Like chemicals and something you shouldn't be putting on your face. So I was a little worried about it but I haven't gotten an eye infection or anything and the smell is slowly fading.

I do like the normal Nicole by OPI polish but I put on the Rainbow In the S-Kylie and I must say DO NOT USE THIS, you will never get it off. I put this on and after maybe 3 or 4 days I went to take it off. I probably spent and hour and a half trying to get the sparkles off of my nails. They are on there so intensely I use every type of nail polish remover I had and I filed. I still have some sparkles on my nails and it's probably been 2 months. It's ridiculous and really disappointing consider this was as close to Debra Lipmann's Happy Birthday I could find at my drug store. It's so pretty that I'm tempted to use it again but I won't because I'm still paying for using it, in that I have little round bumps under my nail polish all the time.

I like this nail polish because of the price and the colour selection but that's about it. I have a few of these colours and I find they chip sooo quickly. Plus, the brush on these is almost too big for my fingers, especially my pinkies. I also find this nail polish goes bad fast, after a few months they're all watery and yellow even after shaking them. I do use their top coat because it dries so quickly. The only thing I don't like about it is that I touch it and it feels dry and then I'll go to do something a huge chunk of nail polish will be pushed back onto my nail, leaving it wrinkly and gobby. Meaning it dries faster then the polish underneath. Something to the point where my nails will still do that for up to 6 hours after painting them. Now that I know this I just try to be careful. I feel I will shortly be looking for a new top coat.

I really don't like shatter nail polish from opi. I find that it either comes out in huge clumps or its too thin to crackle. I have gotten it done on my toes once by an esthetician and even they were having troubles with it. I am also not completely sure I like the look. I think a cleaner nail is more my style.

I find for the price this mascara is not worth it for me. I have a mascara from revlon which I feel is almost the same as this. I did write an entire review of this mascara here: All in all I think this mascara is too clumpy and the brush is to large to apply mascara with, without it getting everywhere.

I feel that this concealer works very well. Especially for the price. Although, I would say that it is a bit thick for me. I do like that you barely need anything at all, I just run my finger against the top, without even squeezing the tube and I have enough for one under eye. I use the little pencil on my water line instead of white to make my eyes look larger, without as much of a dramatic look. I will say though, I feel you need to set this concealer with a powder or else it does not dry fully. I have not really experienced this with other concealers in the past but maybe I just have not used such a full coverage one before.

I love this product so much but where I am from you can't get it for cheap. whenever I go to the states I stalk up at walmart. In canada its 6 dollars at least.