Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing Highlighter!

This is my go-to highlighter, I love it! The colors blend together beautifully, giving my cheeks the perfect glow. It has just the right amount of really brightens my face but still looks natural. The texture is soft and smooth, very easy to apply and blend. I also like to use the top color (the lightest one) in the inner corner of my eyes to make them pop! I definitely recommend this product!

Love these lashes!

These lashes look very natural, but still flirty and fun! The band is very thin so it's easy to apply and get it close to your lash line. They are super comfortable as well, I can barely feel them on. Also they have a very nice curl to them, I highly recommend!

Best Drugstore Eyeliner EVER!

This stuff is AMAZING! First of all it is extremely pigmented and creamy, it glides onto your eyelids with ease and dries fast. It is waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting. Nothing lasts on my waterline except this! It comes with a small angled brush which works well too. And it's only $3.99, can't beat that price for this great product!

Just as good as Urban Decay Primer Potion!

In my opinion, this primer is excellent! Works just as well as my UDPP, and that's $1 vs $18!!! The consistency is the same, smooth and blendable, creating a perfect canvas for your eyeshadow. My eyeshadow NEVER creases when I use this primer and I highly recommend it!

Beautiful Unique Colors!

So I won this Kaleidoscope from here, thanks so much beautylish!!!! I could never afford this so I am extremely grateful!

Each color is very unique and I love them! However the textures of the shadows were not all the same, might just be the kit I got though. Blonde Amber and Bronze Topaz (1st and 3rd swatches) are smooth and buttery, easy to apply, very blendable and opaque. Pale Satin Amethyst and Black Emerald (2nd and 4th) were a little chalky and I had to pack on the color more. They all have a little shimmer to them and no creasing issues when used with a base! They come in an interesting swivel compact which is very sturdy and also has a flip out mirror!

If you can afford this and are looking for some unique colors, I definitely recommend this!

Crease Central.

I was really excited to use these, I bought 5 different colors. I always prime my lids with UDPP, so first time I used the pencil I packed on the color all over my lids and set it with a powder and it was creasing like crazy in 30 minutes! So then I realized I shouldn't apply as much of the color and really blend it out...still got creasing in a couple of hours, very disappointing.

A little goes a longg way!

Especially for the colors Hot Pink and Orange! They are very pigmented and may look intimidating ..but all you need is a little bit of product and blend blend blend! The texture is smooth and creamy and gives you a beautiful glow :)

Nail polish chips in a day or two.

I used this base coat with OPI, Zoya, China Glaze, Essie polishes and topped it off with Seche Vite and my nails would chip in the next day or two. Compared to using OPI's matte nail envy or ORLY's Bonder for a base coat and still topped off with Seche nails last 5 days or more. That's my experience but it does go on smooth and dries really fast.

My Favorite Shatter!

This is by far my favorite shatter of them all! The formula is perfect, not thick or goopy and very easy to apply. Goes great with ANY color and makes your manicure look soo pretty!

The SOFTEST Brush I Own!

So so so SOFT! After using this for the first time to apply my liquid foundation I was amazed! Great coverage, no streaks. I want to try using it for my mineral foundation because now my Kabuki brush feels rough :( Oh and it blends blush really great too! I highly recommend!

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