Beauty Product Reviews

Quite possibly the BEST matte topcoat on the market.

I love this topcoat! I have used the matte magic by china glaze (which is now discontinued) and i was very unimpressed. My last bottle of CG matte magic dried up in the bottle before i had the chance to use it all.. I wasn't happy. The Essie matte about you is amazing. It's fast drying and is reasonably priced.

I reach for these often.

I love these polishes. They are definitely over-looked compared to the OPI shatter polishes and in my opinion for no reason! They crack as well or sometime even better than the shatters. They don't require for the polish under them to be 100% dry and I find the crack patten a bit more desirable even. I just wish CG would give me more of a color selection.

This polish is kinda picky!

I've read a few reviews saying this crackle doesnt work as good as others, but I don't think thats the case. (picture below) This polish cracks just as much and as well as any other polish...but it is picky. I've found that this crackle needs the polish under it to be COMPLETELY dry. I've had some ladies at cosmoprof recommend that I wait a day to apply it (thats a little ridiculous to me) but I do suggest waiting quite a while. Also, you need to be careful how thick/thin you apply it. With any crackle polish the thicker you apply it the less it cracks and the thinner you apply it the more it cracks. Just be careful how you apply it and it will be just as good as any other crackle polish! :) Good luck!

A little shear.

I wish this shatter wasn't so shear.. it's such an awesome unique color. Similar to China Glaze 'Broken Hearted', but is less matte. It doesn't show very well on darker colors. All in all its worth having if you want all the OPI shatters.

Most Used Top Coat

After using this top coat, I can't imagine using anything else. Used properly it feels like plastic melted over my fingers. It makes any nail design look 10 times better and helps it stand out against the polish. I love it.