Beauty Product Reviews

I love these lashes, so much that I rarely wear them! Instead, I make different variations that imitate these lashes, so I don't have to wear them, and instead admire them!

Just kidding. They're not everyday lashes. I need to make my eye makeup dramatic and create a crease on my eyelids to really bring these lashes to justice. Smaller eyes like mine will not be able to wear these without looking super done. Maybe best suited for a special party? Definitely really sexy, although I can manage to make these look super dolly on me.

Super pretty! They look a little retro on my eyes, but they are natural-dramatic, not too much. They have the potential of overwhelming my eyes, so either I have to wear more dramatic eye makeup or create a crease on my eyelids to accommodate them. Smaller eyes may find these a little more on the dramatic side.

Great, lower-priced alternative for MAC #7 lashes.

They are pretty durable, hold their shape well, and look just as natural as the MAC lashes. Super pretty, and great for Asian eyes! If you have medium to larger eyes, these look natural, but if your eyes are smaller, they may be dramatic.

Don't know...

I'm not sure if I got a bad batch, but this was a complete miss for me. It wasn't black, and at best it was a pale gray. In fact, I couldn't get any ink to really come out! What's the point in a liner that can't line?

I used this for a while, and I found that it didn't work well for me. It tends to crack and peel away with wear, and since I need to wear thick eyeliner for it to show, that's not a good thing. On the other hand, removal was a breeze, since it just rolled off.

Kind of like it but...

I like the product, but at the same time I feel meh about it. It tends to flake and irritate my eyes, and on top of the it dries a little too fast for my liking. Pigmentation is great though! I can't use this on my waterline, and I guess I'm applying too much, because it tends to crumble on application.

On the other hand, it's really easy to use, and I'll continue buying it. I think the price is good, and I can deal with some inconveniences until I get the courage to buy more expensive cream eyeliner.

Everyday blush

I have this blush in Rose Petale so far, and it is a wonderful natural-looking neutral pink that goes with practically everything and works for practically every occasion. A must-have for my everyday makeup. It's not matte, but it has pretty subtle shimmers. I normally go for matte blushes, since I have oily skin and I already glow too much, but this actually works really well for me and the shimmers don't show up too much. Application is wonderful. I get perfect color payoff, and I only need to use a tiny bit, since I'm quite fair. Brush is a little dinky... but I have never used it, so I don't care!

Smells really pretty too!

Staple in my makeup for over 5 years...

I've flirted around with using different powders, but this is my default, my go-to. It does well in sopping up my oilies and keeping them at bay, while making my skin look glowy and fresh. It's odd how it does that. Oh, and no breakouts for me.

Anyways, coverage is buildable, and I set my foundation with this using a kabuki brush. It makes my skin texture look almost too perfect sometimes! It's also really good on its own.

The packaging is a perk in itself. I feel so pampered every time I use it.

Pretty, sheer color

I tried this on in a coral color.

Goes on very buttery, lasting power isn't the greatest, but the color was a very gentle and beautiful wash of coral on my lips. It was an effortless application that I am unable to replicate with other coral lipsticks so far.