Beauty Product Reviews

All I Need Is This

Before I bought my Sigma brushes I had none. This was perfect for me because It comes with every brush you could ever need! I have had my kit for 2+ years now and they are still in amazing shape! I use them everyday and the brush hairs are super soft and get the job done! I would highly recommend getting this if you dont have many brushes.

My Most Used Brushes

I reach for these brushes everyday when I apply my makeup. I love the flat top kabuki for powder application and liquid foundation. Amazing it loos so flawless and blends in the product so well! the Round top kabuki is great for powder application and mineral powers as well!


This is most deff my go to highlighter! It's so easy to apply, just 3 dots, blend and your good to go! It's great for people with dry or combination skin because it adds a great glow. I wouldnt recommend this to oily people though. It was worth $28 in my eyes!