Beauty Product Reviews

Best mineral foundation on the market

In the past, I've found that mineral powder foundations aren't ideal for someone who prefers a fuller coverage AND has oily skin. After trying this foundation, that all changed. The amount of coverage I can get with this product is incredible. It's actually a buildable coverage, depending on the brush you use -- fluffier creates a lighter coverage which a more dense brush gives more. I happen to like more. What I like even more was that this holds up pretty well with my oily skin and doesn't immediately go shiny like a lot of mineral makeups.

I think it's great for all skin types and all coverage preferences. Definitely worth a try!

Absolutely amazing!

Love. These shadows are seriously amazing and with a price of less than $5, they're just unbelievable. Crazy pigmented, silky smooth, and so easy to apply, a little goes a long way with these...a LONG way. They actually remind me a bit of MAC's Veluxe eyeshadows; not Veluxe Pearl, but Veluxe. It was a line of matte powder eyeshadows with a creamy, silky texture and phenomenal pigmentation. For whatever reason, MAC discontinued them (they were my favorite), but these Milani Powder Eyeshadows are super similar, bigger, and only a fraction of the price (so these are my new favorite). One slight con of these shadows is that they're soft which means they're a little more delicate and fallout-prone. Also, the availability is limited as they are CVS exclusives. It is possible that they may be available on Cherry Culture or the Milani website sometime in the future though.

Overall, I highly recommend these if you can get your hands on them. My favorites Pitch Black, Shocking Pink, Tickled Pink, Purple Shock (especially this one...omg gorgeous), Pearl, and Gold Dust. And Just Perfect. Yes, I do have a lot of favorites :D

Totally crazy in love!

I'm pretty sure my chances of disliking a Too Faced product are very low. Nonexistent. I love Too Faced. The Natural Eye Palette is an all-time favorite of mine (I actually used it up!), and now the Natural at Night palette is no exception to that. A new favorite of mine, this palette brings a certain seductiveness to the typical daytime colors. Warm with varying finishes, you could easily go from day to play with this one single product. The metallic shadows are divine, delivering just the perfect amount of shine while remaining pigmented. The icy white sheen that sometimes accompanies metallic shadows is more golden with these shadows. The mattes are just perfection. Too Faced has some of the best matte shadows around; so so pigmented, smooth, and blendable. Gotta love those how-to cards too!

Totally in love!

Basically, these cream shadows are crazy amazing. Just...I don't even know. They'd be amazing for a mid or high end product but considering that they're drugstore and priced at about $6's even better and just mind boggling (plus you can get them on BOGO!). They're pigmented, smooth and easy to apply, and blend beautifully. I've used them as eyeshadow with nothing on top, and also as a base with an eyeshadow over the top and they work great both ways. I've applied them with my finger and a brush; both worked just as good as each other. As for the 24 hour claim on the lasting power, I don't doubt it. I wore Bold Gold as an eyeshadow on my lid and it lasted ALL day from 5am til about 8pm. No creasing or fading at all. Granted that wasn't 24 hours but it was pretty close.


Over the years I've had so many Urban Decay palettes, but this is the only one I've ever loved. LOVE. Really. I absolutely can't get over how gorgeous Junkshow, Evidence, Deep End, and Omen are. Honestly though, I can't say that all of the eyeshadows are unique because they're not. Most seem like dupes of other UD shadows with different names. However the combination of neutrals, darks, and brights is perfect and allows for tons of versatility; this is the perfect palette for travel!