Create 5 Last-Minute Halloween Looks Using the Soft Glam Palette!


I’m kind of a Halloween fanatic. Every October I set aside time for haunted hayrides, pumpkin carving and “Halloweentown” marathons, but always wait until the last second to find a costume. With the haunted holiday approaching, I can feel the evil goblin of procrastination creeping up on me again.

I always fall into the same wicked cycle: 1 - Dream up an elaborate DIY ensemble. 2 - Put off shopping because making pumpkin cheesecake is more important. 3 - Realize it’s October 31st. 4 - Slap on cat ears for the 5th year in a row and call it a night.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time for an intervention. This Halloween, let’s break the curse of the costume repeat! Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette, I have created 5 last-minute makeup looks that will have you ready for Hallo-weekend in less time than it takes to unwrap your favorite candy.

Shades used from the Soft Glam Palette:

  • Tempera: Beige with a matte finish
  • Glistening: Champagne gold with a shimmer finish
  • Orange Soda: Pastel tangerine with a matte finish
  • Rose Pink: Rose gold with a shimmer finish
  • Sultry: Mahogany with a metallic finish
  • Bronze: Molten gold with a metallic finish
  • Mulberry: Merlot with a matte finish
  • Fairy: Bright gold with a shimmer finish
  • Burnt Orange: Brown-toned orange with a matte finish
  • Sienna: Terra cotta with a matte finish
  • Rustic: Warm cinnamon with a matte finish
  • Cyprus Umber: Coffee brown with a matte finish
  • Noir: Carbon black with a matte finish

1. Orange and Black Smoky Eye with Cobweb Accents

Combine the colors of the season to create a harvest-inspired smoky eye with a cute spider web detail! Pair with an orange lip and your favorite LBD for a chic Halloween look.

Shades: Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Rustic, Noir, and Sienna

  1. Using a dense flat brush, apply Rustic all over your entire lid.
  2. With the same flat brush, add Sienna to the center of your lid.
  3. With a blending brush, apply a combination of Orange Soda and Burnt Orange to your crease.
  4. Using a small pencil brush, concentrate Noir on the outer “v” of your eye blending into your crease.
  5. Using an angled eyeliner brush, blend a combination of Orange Soda and Burnt Orange onto your lower lash line.
  6. For a precise cat eye and spider web design, I recommend using the Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliner. Its flexible felt tip is perfect for drawing clean lines!
  7. Opt for a warm-toned orange lipstick similar to Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie for the ultimate fall-influenced makeup look!

2. Glam-pire

This ultra-smudged, metallic smoky eye blends rich black and merlot shades with a glimmer of shimmer for a luxurious, yet chilling vampire look! Finish with a vampy lip shade and mesh top for a trendier take.

Shades: Noir, Sienna, Sultry, Mulberry, and Glistening

  1. Using a dense flat brush, buff Sienna onto your eyelids and blend into your crease.
  2. Add Sultry to the center of your lid and on your lower lash line.
  3. Apply Mulberry to your outer “v” and blend into your crease and lower lash line.
  4. Using an angled eyeliner brush, smudge Noir onto your upper and lower lash line, as well as blend into your outer “v.” 
  5. Lightly apply Glistening to your tear ducts.
  6. Create small vein-like designs along your eye contour using the shade Mulberry. For more intense looking capillaries, like those pictured, use a red-hued lip liner, like Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Walk of Shame, interspersed with hair-like strokes of blue eyeshadow similar to the shade Tiger Lily from the Natasha Denona Tropic Palette.

3. Golden Goddess

Gild your lids, lips—just about anywhere you please with this ultra-glammed version of a mythical deity! Break out a white maxi dress and BOOM! Instant golden goddess.

Shades: Glistening, Rustic, Cyprus Umber, Bronze, and Fairy

  1. Using a dense flat brush, apply a mixture of Glistening and Rustic to your eyelids and lower lash line.
  2. With a blending brush apply Rustic into your crease.
  3. Using a small pencil brush, concentrate Cyprus Umber on the outer “v” of your eye and wing outward.
  4. Using your fingers press Bronze onto the center of your eyelid.
  5. Create a dramatic cat eye using a long lasting liquid eyeliner.
  6. Lightly dot Fairy onto your tear ducts for a soft glow.
  7. Complete the look by adding a glitter-y lip. I recommend Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Topper in Molten Gold.

4. Bambi

I’ve discovered that the velvety shades in the Soft Glam Palette work perfectly for full face Bambi-inspired makeup. These eyeshadows blend seamlessly into skin to create a contoured, spotted look to match the doe eyes. Add a brown-toned lipstick and dress in full-on flesh tones to complete this monochromatic mammal look.

Shades: Rustic, Burnt Orange, Cyprus Umber, Noir, Glistening, and Tempera


  1. Using a dense flat brush apply Tempera onto the center of your lid, underneath your brow bone, and on your tear ducts.
  2. With a blending brush apply a mixture of Rustic, Burnt Orange, and Cyprus Umber to your crease and blend outward toward your temple to create a winged effect.
  3. Using your fingertips, gently press Glistening onto the center of your lid.
  4. Apply Cyprus Umber on your lower lash line.
  5. Using black liquid liner, apply a slim winged line to your upper lid.


  1. Contour cheeks, sides of nose, and forehead with Rustic.
  2. Highlight cheeks with a hint of Glistening.
  3. Using a small pencil brush, create spots on your forehead and slightly below your eye contour with Tempera. For a gentle highlight, add a light dusting of Tempera down the center of your nose.
  4. Using black liquid liner, trace the bottom part of your nose and fill in the tip for a shiny, wet-nose finish.

5. Doll Face

Create eye-popping doll-inspired makeup with a slightly frightening flair! Pair with a deep fuschia-toned lip and collared dress for a look that toys with sweet and scary!

Shades: Tempera, Rose Pink, Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Rustic, Cyprus Umber and Noir


  1. Using a dense flat brush apply, Tempera to the center of your eyelids, inner half of your lower lid, and underneath your brow bone.
  2. Blend a combination of Burnt Orange and Rustic into your crease.
  3. Using a small pencil brush, apply a mixture of Cyprus Umber and Noir to your outer “v.”
  4. Add black liquid eyeliner to your top lid. Trace a curved line slightly below the Tempera application on your lower lid (From step #1), and draw small lashes to create a wide-eyed appearance.
  5. Layer Rustic, Cyprus Umber, and Noir underneath your false lashline.


  1. Using an eyeliner brush and the shade Cyprus Umber, create freckles on your cheeks.
  2. Mix Rose Pink and Orange Soda to create a vibrant blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Highlight the top of your nose and cheekbones with Tempera.
  4. Using Tempera and black liquid liner, create lines starting from the corners of your mouth ending just past your chin.

Model: Elaine Whae | Makeup: Tracy Chase