Will Baby Powder Really Thicken Your Lashes?


It’s all over the internet—baby powder on the lashes can make them look bigger and more lush when used with your favorite mascara. Whaaa? This dated bathroom cabinet staple most of us use to prevent summertime chafing has a secret use? We couldn’t help but feel skeptical so we decided to give it a go.

What we used:

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara

Cotton swabs

Unscented and talc-free baby powder*

Billy B lash curler

*The most common form of baby powder contains both talc and fragrance, both of which can irritate the eyes. Most brands offer talc-free options. In a pinch, you can also use cornstarch.

First, curl clean lashes and apply one coat of mascara to hold their shape.

Drop a small amount of baby powder into the palm of your hand and pick up a bit of it by swirling a cotton swab through.

Dab the swab over the wet lashes to coat them in powder. The powder will stick to the mascara leaving a dusty look. Make sure all the lashes are coated.

Swipe on a final layer of mascara over the powdered lashes for an extra full effect.

The results? As far as fullness goes, an extra coat of mascara instead of a layer of powder would have probably done just as much. However we did notice a change in length as the buildup of powder on our lash ends gave us a bit of extra lash to bat about.

The verdict? Overall the difference was negligible and the process was a bit messy. However if your daily mascara isn’t cutting it in the thickening department, swabbing on a bit of powder in the morning might be just the boost your eyes needed.

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