Cold Busting Beauty Tips to Look Good During Flu Season


'Tis the season—for the common cold! What did you think we were gonna say? We’re officially into the chilly months and if you haven’t caught a cold yet, color us impressed. Runny noses, sore throats, and fevers are supposed to keep us home in bed, but our busy schedules have us pressured to be at our best, even during the worst of symptoms.

We may not be able to feel our best while we have a cold, but with a few clever tricks, we can certainly look somewhere close to it. Here’s a few pointers on looking pretty while feeling shi…well, you get the idea.

Stay Hydrated and Prevent Chapping

We get it, you’re already guzzling tea, broth, and OJ by the gallon. But the effects on your skin from tissue dabs and messy sneezes can dry out the area around your nose and mouth causing it to chap. Keep it in check with an ultra hydrating balm such as BY TERRY Baume de Rose. Using it both on and off the lips will not only heal skin faster, it will prevent excess chapping from the chilly weather.

Get The Red Out

If your nose and eyes tend to go bloodshot red on particularly sniffly days, there is hope. Eye drops will desaturate red lines throughout the day and then, go light on the eye makeup—try tightlining with a nude eyeliner to tone down redness around puffy lids. After moisturizing your nose, load up the area with a creamy yellow or green undertone concealer (to offset the red tone) and top it off with powder to keep the color staying put.

Go For The Glow

If you’re looking pale, bring some life back to your face with a creamy blush in a natural tone. This is not the time for a statement fuschia, red, or purple. Instead, pick a color that mimics your natural flush. A little on the apples of your cheeks will bring a healthy appearance to your visage, no matter how low you’re feeling all day.

Carry A Kleenex

Even as pesky colds dissipate, the wintry weather can leave us suffering a runny nose for days if not weeks afterward. Make it a habit to carry a pack of tissues at all times, to avoid sniffeling onto the back of your wrist while going about your daily routine.

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