Makeup Touch Up Tricks You Need To Know


The phrase “check yourself before you wreck yourself” speaks volumes when it comes to makeup touch-ups. Cosmetics aren’t bullet-proof, heck, most of them aren’t even day-proof. If you aren’t glancing in a hand mirror (we love ourAnna Sui Rose Beauty Mirror) every few hours after painting on your game face, you better get in the habit. Call it vain if you want, but makeup is high-maintenance and acting like it’s no biggie will only get you runny statement lips and goopy smokey eyes after a solid afternoon of wear and tear. Navigate the problem areas below and say goodbye to the makeup mess.

Inner and Outer Corners of the Eye

Wearing eyeliner? Your tightline looked edgy until about 2pm when excess liner began to accumulate in your corners resulting in a goopy mess. Check this area often and use a rolled tissue or just a fingernail to pick out any build up throughout the day.


If you have oily lids or if you’ve been sweating, chances are your shadow’s found its way to crease city. If you didn’t carry your shadow compact with you for touch-ups, wiping the area firmly with a finger will blur away shadow that’s settled into your lid lines. Our best tip is to stay one step ahead of the problem with a lid primer like Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance.


A bloody perfect pout can become a bleeding disaster as you eat, talk, and smile the day away. Wipe lipstick off once it begins to migrate and scribble on a fresh coat. Otherwise you’ll risk overdrawing by tracing the bleed-out lines—a look you likely weren’t going for. Nip the problem in the bud by lining lips with a clear pencil like OCC’s Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Anti-Feathered to corral color inside. Pro tip? Make sure to check your teeth for smears as well!


Foundation, concealer, and even powder have a tendency to slide and settle throughout the day. With a finger, gently tap problem areas such as folds around the nose, smile lines, and fine lines on the forehead and under the eyes to re-blend run away makeup. As far as grease goes, carry translucent powder for an instant refresh. Forgot to pack it? A tissue will blot away oil and makeup migration as good as anything.

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