The Face Wash Series Part 2: Oil Cleansers


Oil is a popular alternative to regular facial cleansers these days, but more than likely you still have a lot of questions about it. Our face wash series continues with a look into the magic of oil cleansing. RMS Beauty founder and makeup artist Rose Marie Swift tells us everything we’ve been dying to know about this type of cleansing method. Read on to learn all the secrets of oil cleansing!

Q: Why are oil cleansers good for face washing?

It isn’t the fact that oil cleansers are better. It’s all about which oil “walks the talk”. Oils that naturally contain high levels of lauric and caprylic acid are ideal for cleansing the skin and have the ability to minimize acne and pimples. My oil of choice, hands down, is raw coconut oil. But not just any coconut oil—many are refined and hydrogenated which destroys the healing properties of the oil. Most oils other than coconut oil go naturally rancid fast and really have no anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties, so for cleansing the skin, those would not be a wise choice, especially for people with acne or skin irritation.

Q: What’s the proper method for cleansing with oil? Step-by-step, how long to keep product on, do you wipe or rinse, etc.?

Cleansing with oil is very easy. Apply a small amount on fingers and gently rub away all traces of makeup—including mascara (waterproof or not) and wipe with a tissue or a cloth. coconut oil will remove every little trace of makeup easily, gently and safely without stinging the eyes.

Some people need to have a complete skin regime that includes cleanser, toners and scrubs but I do not come from that mind set.  I believe if we do too many treatments, it’s aggressive to the skin...less is more.  Once I have cleansed my face of the leftover makeup and oil, I simply rinse with water (filtered of course). There will be a slight oily feel to the skin, but I do not strip that away with cleanser—that is the oil doing its job to help the skin! I then apply a few drops of RMS Beauty Oil to my damp skin and off to sleep.

Q: Are there certain people who shouldn’t use oil-based products for cleansing? Can they work for people who are prone to acne or have oily skin?

If it is the right oil, such as a high grade coconut oil, it actually works. Remember coconut oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as many other healing properties so it is almost impossible not to see results. Why dry out the surface with harsh chemicals? That actually sets the skin up for aging over the long term. I am a firm believer that the skin on the face is a mirror to your gut, so whatever is going on inside the intestinal tract will reflect on the skin. Probiotics are a must for anyone with acne prone skin, no matter what anyone says. I have seen superior results from probiotics then any “hope in a jar” remedy. Also, every model I have ever worked with that had bad skin also had a soda pop (mostly diet pop) addiction as well as a sugar addiction. I hope that tells you something.

**Q: Are oil cleansers a better option for specific skin types? **

This all depends on ingredients. If the product contains oils that have no anti-fungal/antibacterial properties and contain cheap oils with a naturally very short shelf-life, then it is no good for anyone, including those with skin problems. Cheap oils also clog the skin as well as cause oxidative stress to the skin, so knowledge has to be acquired in your search for the perfect oil cleansers.  

**Q: Do oil cleansers substitute or replace any of our usual after-washing products (eg. toner, moisturisers, etc.)? **

Some do and some don’t. Alcohol, for one, is used primarily in toners and even cleansers, but unfortunately they often do not use organic grain alcohol—that would be much better. They use inferior, denatured alcohol which is super cheap, harsh and drying. Not my choice, ever.

Q: What is the major difference between using a cleansing oil (like the rms beauty Raw Coconut Cream) and a moisturizing oil (like the rms beauty Oil)?

They both have different purposes and different properties. My Raw Coconut Cream is without a doubt the best makeup remover ever but can also be easily used as a cleanser and a moisturizer. It is very moisturizing but not lightweight enough to be applied under makeup in the morning. The Beauty Oil, on the other hand, is a lightweight product that contains both exotic oils (all chosen for their natural healing properties) as well as some serious adaptogenic herbs that help to balance the skin. It contains buriti oil from the Brazilian Amazon, tamanu and rosehip oils, as well as the highest known quanitites of natural vitamin A and betacarotene. This product can be used for any skin type including psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and even acne. Both products are used because of their healing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties in their natural form rather than their synthetic counterparts that are commonly used in conventional beauty products.

Q: Are there any other thoughts you have about cleansing oils in general, or specifically about the Raw Coconut Cream?

Don’t stop at just cleansing the face. Use a little in your bathwater, on children’s diaper rash and even use it for oil pulling in the mouth to help heal the gums and kill bacteria. Works unbelievably. Try it.

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