5 Ways to Marie Kondo Your Beauty Stash


If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, stop reading, log onto Netflix, and search “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” Armed with years of organizing expertise, Marie Kondo has a knack for transforming messy homes into places of pure joy using her KonMari Method.  

This ingenious strategy follows a specific order that involves cleaning up by category, starting with clothes, then books, paper, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental objects. But it’s not just about cutting down on clutter. Her method centers on introspective cleaning that sparks future happiness.

Inspired by Marie’s magical tidying powers, I’ve compiled five tips for organizing your beauty stash, à la the KonMari Method.


Commit yourself to a tidy lifestyle

This first step forms the basis of the KonMari Method. Marie believes that if you devote yourself to the organization process and properly simplify the right way, you’ll never need to overhaul your space again. True tidiness takes a considerable amount of physical and mental exertion, so stay strong and focused on your main goal: creating a space that encourages creativity, inspiration and tranquility.


Create a massive pile

Now let’s get down to business. Empty your vanity drawers, bathroom cabinets, beauty bags or any other place where you store makeup, and create a mini mountain of products. According to Marie, forming a large pile creates the feeling of shock toward all the supplies you’ve accumulated. As a result, you’ll recognize a need to cut down, which will help you decide what is truly necessary to keep.


Discard the old and expired

Your first edit is all about time. Locate the expiration date symbol found on each product’s packaging and determine whether it’s past its prime. If you can’t remember how long you’ve had it, toss it.

Here are basic time frames that determine when to throw out makeup:

  • Foundation: 2 years
  • Concealer: 1 year
  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner: 3 months
  • Eye pencil: 1 year
  • Eyeshadow: 2 years
  • Lip products: 1-2 years


Only keep products that spark joy

After you’ve chucked all expired products, go through your remaining items and determine each product’s future value. Marie recommends assessing each object and asking yourself if it sparks joy in your life. If you feel like a product doesn’t speak to your heart or incite happiness, she advises thanking it for its service and letting it go. If you have similar beauty supplies (like three different red-colored lipsticks) keep the one that provokes the most jubilation. Marie believes that pursuing what sparks joy in your space radiates into the decision-making that happens outside of your home, transforming the way you live.


Organize your products into boxes

Now comes the fun part. Place all of your joy-inducing beauty products into cute storage boxes for the ultimate tidy lifestyle. Opt for stackable and see-through cases that will maximize space and help you locate exactly what you need without having to dump out your beauty bag every time. Place your boxes in drawers for a clean, de-cluttered vanity ready to host your daily makeup routine.

Illustration by Megan Badilla