Calling all Natasha Denona fans, the Sunrise Palette is coming!


There’s nothing quite like a summer sunrise—the sky takes on warm shades of yellows, oranges and pinks that blend together effortlessly. And thanks to Natasha Denona’s upcoming eye shadow palette, you’ll be able to create that warm sunrise glow on your lids. That’s right, Natasha Denona’s newest and much-anticipated Sunrise Palette is about to drop, and given the success of her previous eye shadow palettes, this one’s sure to sell out! Here’s everything we know so far.

In a league of its own, this impeccable palette contains fifteen BRAND NEW shades of warm sunny yellows, crimson corals, earthy browns and powerful pinks and fuchsias, all made to melt together in perfect harmony. Perfectly timed, these shades are a dream for the summer season. Here are the all-new featured hues:

  • Poppy 229M: Warm burgundy with a Metallic finish

  • Citrine 230CM: Bright yellow with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Phlox 231M: Crimson red with a Metallic finish

  • Awakening 232DC: Iridescent mauve with a Duo Chrome finish

  • Laurel 233M: Warm champagne with a Metallic finish

  • Aster 234DC: Iridescent deep pink with a Duo Chrome finish

  • Glory 235CM: Deep berry with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Azalea 236DC: Red copper with a Duo Chrome finish

  • Morgan 237CM: Peachy pink with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Agate 238M: Golden beige with a Metallic finish

  • Clove 239CM: Dark earthy brown with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Carnelian 240CM: Deep orange with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Jasper 241CM: Deep rusty red with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Morning 242CM: Warm apricot with a Creamy Matte finish

  • Day Spring 243M: Golden brown with a Metallic finish


With a mix of duo chromes, velvety mattes, and sparkling metallic textures, the palette will elevate your senses and empower you to create your very own radiant works of art. Truly, the possibilities are endless. Plus, Natasha’s iconic formulas are packed with the highest quality ingredients to create buttery soft shades that blend seamlessly to achieve vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting looks. Smooth, creamy, blendable, and perfectly pigmented, there’s a reason Natasha Denona’s palettes have garnered a cult following.

No matter your skill level, this easy-to-use palette is nothing to be intimidated by—for the matte shadows, simply apply with fluffy eye shadow brushes to blend or use detail brushes for precision. To apply metallic, duo chrome or chroma crystal eye shadows, use dense eye shadow brushes for a subtle finish. For a higher pay off or foiled finish, use a damp eye shadow brush or simply the tip of your finger.

At just $65, the Sunrise Palette is one of the most affordable palettes from Natasha Denona yet. The palette will also be available for 2 interest-free payments of $32.50 plus tax when you select Flexible Payments at checkout (Flexible Payments is available in select countries).

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