Does the Perfect Blowout Brush Exist?

A quick Google search for ‘blowout brush’ yields approximately 8,370,000 results. There are clearly a lot of hair brushes out there, so it can be difficult to discern exactly which is right for your specific hair type. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are a few features to consider to buy the right tool for you:

For Damaged Hair

Damaged, brittle hair needs to be treated delicately. In this case, the right brush might be one with rubber-tipped bristles, which gently detangle without requiring the user to pull or tug too aggressively.

When it comes to blowing out damaged hair, it can be particularly helpful to use a brush with a ceramic barrel. The ceramic will make sure that heat is as evenly distributed as possible, minimizing damage and keeping certain sections from heating up more than others.

For Fine Hair

Fine hair also benefits from the even heat distribution of a ceramic barrel brush. Additionally, anything with natural bristles will minimize breakage, allowing you to detangle with gentleness and ease.

Brushes with natural bristles or mixed bristles will also be able to get the best grip on fine hair, and will be able to hold it in place during the blowout.

For Long Hair

The traditional round brush is often touted as the holy grail tool for a perfect blowout—for long hair, at least. However, it’s worth noting that the longer your hair is, the bigger the barrel of your brush should be. A brush with a barrel that’s too small might just curl your ends under, without creating desirable fullness. Long hair requires a brush with a larger barrel to create the same glamorous volume that leaves people sprinting to DryBar.

For Short Hair

Those with short hair might experience that unwanted “curled ends” effect with almost any round brush. Instead, a slimmer, wide-toothed brush is a better choice for a short hair blowout. Wide teeth and a thinner barrel will allow you to create volume and sleekness without curling the hair too much.

For Dry Hair

It seems extreme to think that dry hair can be improved simply by brushing it— however, to an extent, it’s true with the right brush. Boar bristle brushes are able to evenly distribute the natural oils on your scalp throughout your hair, leading to better-moisturized locks and added shine.

For Oily Hair

Again, boar bristle brushes save the day. Boar bristles re-distribute natural oils instead of just letting them sit at your roots. In the case of oily hair, there is also the added benefit of eliminating buildup on the scalp for happier, cleaner-feeling hair.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla

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