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How Surratt Beauty is Changing the Beauty Game


Photo: Surratt Beauty

When a Kevyn Aucoin protégé and makeup artist to the likes of J.Lo and Adele launches his own beauty brand, our ears perk up. Founded by Troy Surratt in 2013, Surratt Beauty is a sleek and sophisticated line of artistry-driven makeup. Tab through the collection, and you’ll immediately notice an emphasis on performance and futuristic formulas (take the brand’s Diaphane Loose Powder, which snaps into a custom compact to marry the portability of a pressed powder with the vapor-light finish of a loose powder). We sat down with Surratt Beauty cofounder Heleyne Mishan-Tamir to learn more about the brand’s beginnings and what it has in store.

Surratt Beauty’s tagline is “Japanese ingenuity. New York sensibility.” How did Japanese culture come to influence the brand?

We have always been inspired by Japan’s innovation in the beauty space. As a culture, they believe in mastering an art. They are always looking to be the best—to constantly improve the existing and make it better. This is something that we strive to do at Surratt and is core to who we are as a brand.

Take the brushes, for instance: Developed in Kumano, Japan, the country’s “brush capital,” artisans spent centuries perfecting the craft of making calligraphy, painting, and cosmetic brushes. There are 60 steps involved in producing each of Surratt’s handmade Artistique Brushes, thus making them what we consider “best in class.”

Photo: Surratt BeautyMany of your products are customizable and refillable. Why is that?

It all comes down to our inherent belief that you should have the ability to choose for yourself what you want. We do not have a marketing team that has predetermined what shades belong together. We allow for creativity and playtime. Beauty should be fun, and luxury beauty should have an element of customization and personalization—the ability to create something uniquely one’s own. Our customer is co-creating alongside us.

What’s one product from Surratt Beauty that you think everyone should try?

Surratt Beauty offers something for everyone… but our brushes are truly next-level. They are luxurious, effective, and the ultimate gift to yourself (or others!). We speak a lot about how busy our lives can be and how little creative time we might have. Applying makeup may be the only creative thing we get to do in a given day. The brushes enhance the experience and are the ultimate way to interact with our products.

Photo: Surratt Beauty

What’s your vision for Surratt Beauty?

To be celebrated for innovative products, inspired collaboration, and groundbreaking artistry.

What’s next for Surratt Beauty?

While we can’t speak to specifics, we can say that we will continue to focus on innovation in 2019. We are developing categories and products with unique delivery systems that we view as true game-changers.

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