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7 Best Products for Spring-Cleaning Your Beauty Routine


Photo: ©Leandro Crespi / StocksyYou’ve heard of spring cleaning for your space, but what about spring cleaning for your face?

From a detoxifying charcoal cleanser to an oxygenating moisturizer, I’ve rounded up seven purifying beauty staples that will completely clean your complexion, plus your beauty tools. Purge your pores of the winter blues and spring into clear, radiant skin with must-have products that’ll keep you looking fresh all season long!

Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off , $32

Phase one of a beauty spring cleaning: completely remove makeup. Whether you go hard with all-waterproof-everything or opt for a lighter look, thoroughly clarifying the eye area and pores prior to cleansing is key for getting your face back to square one and making sure the next steps are effective. Infused with cornflower water and veronica extract, Charlotte Tilbury’s Take It All Off effortlessly dissolves even the hardest set makeup while clarifying and enhancing skin cell regeneration.

Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser, $30

Switch between your go-to face wash and this deeply purifying cleanser to achieve barely there pores throughout springtime. Formulated with impurity-absorbing charcoal, pore-shrinking artichoke leaf extract, and brightening vitamin C, Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser penetrates pores to extract dirt, oil, and debris. Safe for AM and PM use, dampen your face and massage one pump into skin for a warming lather that lets you know detoxification is underway.

Caudalie Purifying Mask , $39

This spring, commit to using an impurity-purging facial mask at least once a week. Caudalie’s Purifying Mask extracts dirt, tightens pores, and reduces breakouts with decongesting white clay. Also infused with a moisturizing combination of grape seed oil and vegetable oil, this 15-minute mask is specifically designed to absorb blemishes and acne without dehydrating skin in the process. Apply on your T-zone, entire face, or spot treat for balanced, clear skin with a matte finish.

BY TERRY Detoxilyn City Cream, $120

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your complexion with the above cleansers and masks, keeping skin fresh and protected from pollutants is the next step. BY TERRY Detoxilyn City Cream prevents free radicals from undoing all of your spring cleaning by acting like a heavy-duty shield against environmental aggravators. Infused with antioxidant and oxygenating ingredients like acerola extracts and probiotics, this weightless cream activates skin’s natural detoxification process for purified, protected pores all day long. Wear it alone or under foundation and confidently step out knowing that your complexion is safe from skin-dulling stressors.

beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid, $16

My skincare mantra: your complexion is only as clean as your beauty tools. Unwashed brushes and sponges are often loaded with pore-clogging bacteria, oil and dirt. If you think washing your makeup tools is a daunting chore, let me introduce you to the Blendercleanser Solid. This clarifying soap and scrubbing pad quickly removes debris, so regular washing becomes less of a time-wasting task. When you’re done cleaning, simply put your soap and scrubbing pad back inside the travel-friendly case for mess-free storage.

BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes, $15

Cleansing your products is just as important as purifying your skin and tools—the last thing you want to do is apply bacteria-ridden makeup onto a clean face. Keep some sanitizing wipes on hand, like these portable packets from BeautySoClean. Specifically created to remove germs from lipstick, lip gloss, eye/lip pencils, and mascara wands, take these wipes with you for sterile makeup application every time.

BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, $12.50

Did you know you can also disinfect your powder and cream-based makeup? BeautySoClean’s Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist can be used to sterilize anything from pressed facial powders to compact foundation and concealer without changing product texture, so you can extend the life of your favorite products. Hold the spray about 6 inches from the product surface, mist once, wait 10 seconds, then apply your newly germ-free makeup.