Find Out Which Tom Ford Fragrance You Are From His Private Rose Garden Collection

Tom Ford has a private rose garden getaway and you’re invited to visit.

The world-renown designer wants you to experience his exclusive oasis through a provocative series of rose-inspired fragrances that reinvent the classic blossom. With every spritz, rose essences transport the wearer to Ford’s luxurious garden, and unexpected supporting ingredients lure them into uncharted, exotic territory.

Ford combines the rare rose scents of his garden with contrasting notes of sichuan pepper, black truffle and coffee to evoke specific moods and tempt wearers to unlock their inner sensuality.

Answer the quiz questions below and we’ll match you with the Tom Ford scent that best fits your personality.

What 2021 beauty trend will you try?

A. Shaggy haircuts, I’m not afraid to go borderline mullet.
B. Artful nails, I like wavy, retro designs in neutral shades.
C. I’m all about lid-hugging cut creases, the sharper the better.

Where would you like to travel after the pandemic ends:

A. Amsterdam, it’s time to re-awaken my free-spirited side.
B. Argentina, I must learn to tango.
C. Turkey, so I can experience the rose harvest in Isparta.

At a party you are typically:

A. Reserved on arrival, but once things start, I’m not afraid to let loose and show my fun personality.
B. Mysterious and alluring. Want to talk? You’ll have to get in line with my other suitors.
C. Sassy, witty social butterfly. I keep energy levels high as we dance into early morning.

What would you order for dessert?

A. Dark chocolate molten lava cake. When it’s time to indulge, I go all out.
B. Affogato, or anything coffee flavored please.
C. Peppermint chocolate mousse, I like the bold burst of flavor.

Choose a Tom Ford product to add to your arsenal:

A. Lipstick in Libertine

B. Cheek color in Love Lust

C. Fucking Fabulous Nail Lacquer


Tally up your answers and find the Tom Ford scent that best fits your personality.

Tom Ford Noir de NoirMostly A’s:

Noir de Noir

You’ll love Noir de Noir. This sexy, indulgent fragrance can be likened to the harmony and balance of yin and yang. Floral scents fuse with black truffle, vanilla, and patchouli to represent a collision between femininity and masculinity. The result? A warm scent that Tom Ford describes as an “intense, sensual awakening.”

Tom Ford Café RoseMostly B’s:

Café Rose

Seductive and earthy, Café Rose will help your inner passions bloom. Three rose essences dance with exotic spices and coffee for a seductive scent that’s sure to get things percolating.

Tom Ford Rose PrickMostly C’s:

Rose Prick

You are uninhibited and adventurous, so spray on Rose Prick, a spicy floral fragrance that flirts with danger. Fiery pepper pierces through a wild bouquet of rose breeds for a sharp, yet pristine scent that’ll send prickles down the spine.