What’s your Skincare Persona?


There are more options for great skin care than ever before. But now that there is a brand for every personal preference, how do you choose? Let’s figure out your Skincare Persona. Nailing down what you care about most in your routine will help identify what brands might be right for you.

Check out our five personas below! You might fit right in to one of these categories, but chances are that more than one speaks to your inner beauty–and some brands may fall into more than one category, too. While figuring out your skincare persona can help you feel less overwhelmed by all of the options in the beauty world, don’t let it limit what you try!

Science Savvy

No matter how hard they are to pronounce, you’re not intimidated by scientific ingredients. Your focus is on efficacy backed by science. You have an encyclopedic knowledge of active ingredients and what they do, from niacinamide to alpha arbutin to hyaluronic acid and you love keeping up with the latest innovations from the lab.

Brands to try: Good Molecules, Peter Thomas Roth, Dr. Barbara Sturm

Keep in mind: In your quest for results, you often seek the highest percentage of active ingredients–more of a good thing must be better right? But sometimes it’s best to show a little patience and take a gentler approach to your skin.

Green & Clean

You are very conscious of the ingredients you put on your body and their effect on the world around you, prioritizing naturally derived, clean or organic ingredients and eco-friendly sourcing and packaging. Besides, you can’t improve on nature, so why should your products contain so many chemicals? You prefer papaya enzymes over synthetic glycolic acid and you don’t mind the variety of scents and textures unique to minimally-processed products.

Brands to try: Naturally Serious, Indie Lee, Max & Me

Keep in mind: More and more brands are becoming green-conscious and are eliminating ingredients that are questionable as well as putting more focus on sourcing. So, keep an open mind and don’t permanently rule out brands that have been making changes!

Skin care as Self Care

For you, skin care isn’t just about the end results. You enjoy the experience of your skincare routine as an act of self care. You love beautiful packaging, luxurious textures and scents, and products that create a spa-like experience.

Brands to try: Caudalie, May Lindstrom, Omorovicza

Keep in mind: Great skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Make sure you also figure out a simplified routine for the times when you’re a little busier so your skin care doesn’t stress you out!

Tried & True

You want products that you can rely on: you’re not so concerned about trendy new ingredients and you don’t want your skincare routine to take up a lot of your time or energy. Once you find a product you like, you tend to stick with it for years–why fix it if it’s not broken?

Brands to try: Embryolisse, IT Cosmetics, Mila Moursi

Keep in mind: Classics are classic for a reason, but don’t be afraid to try new things. There have been a lot of developments in skincare over the years and a new favorite product may be out there waiting for you!

Buzzworthy Beauty

If people are talking about it, you have to try it! You’re always looking to mix up your skincare routine to keep things fun, interesting, and effective. You keep an ear to the ground in the beauty community to learn about cult favorites and trending products. Bonus points when you find something that looks great in a #shelfie!

Brands to try: boscia, Sunday Riley, ReFa

Keep in mind: It can be easy to get caught up in keeping up with the influencers, leaving your cabinet filled with half-finished products and your bank account empty. Find some balance in your beauty shopping so you get long-term satisfaction (and results!) instead of just the head rush of an impulse purchase.

Illustrations By Megan Badilla