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Summer Forecast: Bright, Bold, And Filled with JSC’s Jawbreaker Collection!


Repeat after us: the brighter, the better. That’s right, this summer’s forecast is bright and bold thanks to Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s latest announcement. Summer officially starts on June 21st with the Jawbreaker Collection, featuring brand new JSC eye shadow palettes and limited-edition lipsticks, highlighters, merch, and more! This sugar-inspired collection is bright, crazy, vibrant, and larger than life. Here’s everything we’re hyped about.

Jawbreaker Palette

Photo: Jeffree Star Cosmetics JawBreaker Eye Shadow Palette |

What a rainbow wishes it could be. This next-level palette is the largest to date with 24 shades that blend like a dream, including blinding shimmer, rich metallic, and vibrant matte finishes. Priced at $58, this will be your go-to palette for everything from wedding to rave to date looks.

Here are the shades:

  • Virgin: Bone yellow-white that works well as a base or on the brow bone

  • Good Morning: Soft, pale, fleshy pink

  • Bubble Gum: Matte pink

  • Wow: Bright, neon yellow that’s 4x brighter than the yellow in Thirsty (!)

  • Suck: True, beautiful orange

  • Licorice: Pure, matte red

  • Cute: Beautiful teal

  • Fuck: Pinkish coral

  • Gum Drop: True purple

  • Snack: A shiny light pink highlighter for the inner corner of the eye

  • Brain Freeze: Beautiful baby blue

  • Jawbreaker: Reflective silver

  • And What: Metallic red

  • Orange Juice: Metallic orange

  • Sour: Vibrant light green

  • Soaked: Cobalt blue

  • Raspberry: Deep maroon

  • Cotton Candy: Metallic pink

  • Lemon drop: Metallic yellow

  • Bite me: Dark, rich purple

  • Cherry Wet: Bright, fuschia red inspired by last summer’s liquid lip

  • Tasty: Deep brown

  • Cone: Champagne nude

  • Delicious: Dark navy

Mini Jawbreaker Palette

Photo: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker Eye Shadow Palette |

For the first time ever, JSC is releasing a mini palette! That’s right, you can now get the iconic Jeffree Star Cosmetics eye shadow formula for only $28. Featuring duochrome, metallic, and matte finishes, here are the brand new shades:

  • Double Scoop: Terracotta nude

  • Orange Crush: Matte orange with gold reflects

  • Foreplay: Cool, mauve-y pink

  • Oral: Duochrome, mirror-like, reflective silver

  • Purple Punch: Beautiful matte purple

  • Slice: Unique burnt yellow-orange

  • Bubble Gum: Matte pink

  • Bite Me: Dark, rich purple

  • Hot Fudge: Dark, cool-tone brown

Bonus: bundle the Jawbreaker Palette and the Mini Jawbreaker Palette for $75! Remember to be careful if you have sensitive eyes, as the reds or pinks could stain the lids. In case they stain, Jeffree recommends using concealer to cover the color.

Brain Freeze Skin Frost™ Pro Palette

Photo: Swatches of Brain Freeze Palette |

Icy, sugary, and delicious, this $40 highlighter palette was made with the idea that too blinding isn’t a thing. Inspired by sugary freezes from the movies, here are six frosty new shades:

  • Cold Shoulder: Duochrome white silver with blue reflects

  • Gold Breaker: Radiant gold, inspired by Jawbreakers candy

  • Cocky: A deeper gold, especially beautiful for medium to deep skin tones

  • Statuesque: Metallic yellow-ish gold

  • Frozen Fruit: Shiny light pink

  • Freeze Tag: Funky, blinding silver

Supreme Frost

Photo: Swatches of new Supreme Frost shades |

The next level from Skin Frost, the new, limited-edition Supreme Frost shades feature the same OG formula: blinding, glistening, ultra reflective, and extra wet. Buy them individually at $32 each, or get the entire bundle for $96. The new shades are:

  • Diamond Wet: Metallic silver

  • Candy Apple Drip: Metallic green

  • Caramel Kiss: Metallic gold

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Photo: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks |

The cult favorite liquid lipstick formula in brand new, limited-edition shades. Bold and bright, these vegan liquid lipsticks can also serve as vibrant liquid liners. Priced at $18 each, they are also available in a bundle for $85 (that’s a $23 saving!). Here are the new shades:

  • Yes Ma’am: Neon hot pink that’s 10x brighter than Prom Night (!)

  • Purple Urkle: Bright lavender with glitter

  • Bronze Blood: Tan metallic

  • Fully Nude: Warm, terracotta nude

  • Strawberry Crush: Necessary, neon strawberry red

  • No Offense: Obnoxious (in a good way) acid chartreuse

Lip Ammunition

Photo: Lip Swatch of Lip Ammunition in Yummy |

Glittery, metallic, and highly addictive, these lipsticks pack a punch with just one swipe. Sold individually for $18 or you can get the entire limited-edition bundle for $108. Brand new, limited-edition shades include:

  • Candy Freeze: Very glittery, shiny pink

  • Snow cone: Alien green

  • Jawbreaker: Stunning glittery blue

  • Yummy: Purple metallic with glitter

  • Glazed: Unique, soft warm gold with pink glitter reflects

  • Brown Sugar: Beautiful, warm bronze

Velour Lip Scrubs:

These totally edible, sugar-based vegan scrubs buff away dead skin for flawless lipstick application. Individually priced at $12, or get all three for $36. The new flavors include:

  • Lemon Sucker

  • Cucumber Mint

  • Pineapple Juice

Limited-Edition Merch

Show your love for JSC on more than just your face—the new Jawbreaker Collection also features can’t-miss accessories. Get your hands on:

  • Star Hand Mirror: available in pink, white, and chartreuse

  • Chartreuse Tracksuit: jacket and pants available in sizes S-3x

  • Jawbreaker Pink Travel Makeup Bag: roomy, vegan, faux leather makeup bag

  • Chartreuse Snap Makeup Bag: bright, monochrome makeup bag with the JSC logo imbedded in leather with matching zipper detailing

  • Pink Cut Out Makeup Bag: roomy, easy makeup bag featuring star cutouts throughout

As if this isn’t enough, Jeffree also hinted at the possibility of additional surprise products the day of the launch! Set to drop on June 21st at 10am PT / 1pm ET, you can get the Master Collection for $495 or pick and choose your favorites. Sign up here, and be the first to know (and shop) when the collection launches!