5 Best Beauty Gifts for Capricorn


Happy Birthday Capricorn! It’s finally time to celebrate some of the most fierce and intelligent members in the zodiac for the last birthday box of 2019. Your Capricorn friend’s birthday falls during the height of the holiday season, so be sure to gift them something that’s just as good (if not better) than their holiday gift. Speaking for Capricorns everywhere: no, you can’t give them something that counts as both.

I’ve rounded up 5 Capricorn-friendly gifts that embody the main characteristics of this relentless zodiac sign. Place all five within a cute package for a fun birthday unwrapping!

The Sacred Ritual Bath Salt in Happy Place, $26

Capricorns are an ambitious bunch—okay that’s an understatement, they’re basically complete bosses who won’t stop until they reach the top. This earth sign’s unparalleled work ethic propels them into leadership positions where they grind away day and night to achieve the highest levels of success. The most common excuse you’ll hear from a Cap: “I’m just too busy.” This year, give the workaholic in your life a gift that forces them to invest in a little “me” time. The Sacred Ritual Bath Salt in Happy Place soothes skin, calms tension, and completely relaxes the body, so Capricorns get some much-needed rejuvenation.

Miss Fame Beauty Glitter in Earth Shattering, $15

Belonging to the group of hardworking earth signs, Capricorns are also cardinal signs, meaning that they are natural born leaders and initiators. It’s not uncommon for the determined Capricorn to translate their vision into a game-changing business venture. Make sure you give this self-starter a gift that symbolizes their intelligence, drive and creativity. This high impact loose glitter features bold green and copper sparkles that reflects Capricorn’s earth-shattering imagination.

Bumble and bumble. Does It All Hairspray, $32

Is there anything a Capricorn can’t do? These fast-learners can pick up anything from solving complicated equations to playing difficult musical instruments. The skilled earth signs set extremely high standards for themselves and pride themselves on delivering the best results in all that they do. So give the all-star in your life a beauty product that’s just as well rounded as they are. Bumble and bumble. Does It All Hairspray delivers a light, brushable hold that soothes and keeps hair in place with a surprisingly touchable finish.

Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Color in Relentless, $33

For Capricorns, the word “no” is just a temporary obstacle on the way to the word “yes.” This tenacious earth sign has big dreams and the grit to follow them even when the going gets tough. No matter how many times life throws Capricorn a curveball, your friend always finds a way to hit a homerun. Give the inspiring Cap in your life a lipstick that’s named after one of their most admirable qualities. Relentless is a rosy-mauve shade that delivers velvety color packed with antioxidants to keep your friend’s powerful kisser moisturized.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, $20

If you have a Capricorn in your life, you’re familiar with their undying loyalty. Times change, people come and go, but friendship with a Capricorn is something that will last forever. This year, give your unfailing friend a holy grail gift that will support their skin in the same way that they support you. Veil Mineral Primer features a weightless formula that evens out skin tone, controls shine and protects with mineral-based SPF 15 for smooth, flawless makeup application every time.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla