New Hairdo? Make The Most Of It With These Makeup Tweaks!


Whether chopping off your locks, going for a bold new hair color, or simply adding bangs, a new hairstyle isn’t complete until you update your makeup to pull the look together. Think about it: have you noticed how Anne Hathaway has become all smokey eyes since her pixie cut? Or how every time Jennifer Lawrence goes from girl-next-door blonde to I-mean-business brunette to play Katniss, she changes her makeup, too? (Although that girl could pull off lip balm on its own, even if her hair was green.)

As celebrity makeup artists can attest, a new hairstyle is only as good as the makeup tweaks you pair with it. We found just the source to give us tips on what looks best with a new summer ’do: Lucy Baldock, who has 15 years of experience as the preferred artist for Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue, Claudia Schiffer and Johnny Depp. Recently Baldock launched her own line, Lucy B.'s Apothecary, the only fragrance and color range in the world to have infused natural Australian flower essences into its products. Here are Baldock’s expert tips playing up a new hairstyle.

If you got: Highlights

Try: Highlighter around your eyes

To compliment any high or low lights, whether caramel, red, or dark blonde, make sure your eye makeup also catches the light.

Baldock suggests putting a highlighter underneath the inner corner of your eye. “It could be shimmery or matte, just as long as it’s a bright color,” she says. “Doing this will make your eyes look more open and bright, and give you a softer, prettier touch to match the subtle nuances in your hair.” For the rest of your face, Baldock suggests playing around with colors that will warm up your tones, including seashell tones—think golds and bronzes on cheeks and eyes.

If you got: A pixie or angled bob cut

Try: Contouring

If you have longer hair, you’re used to pieces falling around your face to shape it. But with a short bob or pixie cut, you can use makeup to enhance your bone structure and make your face the focal point.

“Pick a taupe color and use a medium fluff brush. Contour from the top of your cheekbone to underneath your cheekbone (if you have your mouth open slightly you can feel the spot to stop). Then contour all the way from the top of the hairline towards the outside of your nostril, angled toward the mouth,” says Baldock. “Blend in with a sponge and then add blush over the top in a coral, pink, or burgundy—depending on your skin tone.” For more on contouring basics, read this.

If you got: Bangs

Try: A strong lip

With strong bangs, you don’t want too much drama on the eyes—that can make them look smaller and throw off the proportion of your face.

Instead, Baldock recommends focusing on the lips. “Do a bold red or coral color, and keep the eyes muted with an eggshell or pink shade swept on the lid,” Baldock says. “If you have more of a fringe bang, you can do a more dramatic, smokey eye. But instead of black, use a brown or grey liner smudged with a bit of shadow, and then go with neutral or soft baby pink on your lips.”

If you went: Red

Try: Green eyeliner

Natural redheads often have freckles, which add a lot of color to the face. So faux redheads who don’t have freckles will want to bring that color back in.

Baldock’s suggestion? Green eyeliner. “It really pops with red hair. MAC and Make Up For Ever have great, creative options to play with to achieve a bold, colorful look,” she says.

If you went: Brunette

Try: Red lips

Brunettes can get away with a lot of makeup looks, but Baldock’s favorite is a perfect red lip.

“Even if you don’t think a red lip looks good on you, experiment with different types of lip products from a stain to a gloss. They’re very different from lipsticks, which have a thousand times more pigment. If you want a more natural look, go for a raspberry shade,” she suggests.

If you went: Blonde

Try: Brown mascara

Blondes have to tread a little more lightly with their makeup. Colors that provide too much dramatic contrast won’t suit you.

“You want to look soft and feminine, so opt for brown over black mascara,” says Baldock. She also recommends choosing peaches and baby pinks for cheeks and lips.

Did you get a new summer ’do? How did you change up your makeup to go with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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