April Showers! Three Wet-Weather Hairstyles That Can Get Rained On 


Do spring rains have your hair falling flat? This spring, work with the wet weather, not against it. With the help of NYC-based Bumble and Bumble stylist Mischa Golebiewski, we came up with three twisted hairstyles you can wear out in the rain and get wet, air dry at work, and then let loose come evening. The result? Gorgeous waves fit for a fun night out. With styling this simple, we find ourselves actually looking forward to the rainy season.

Blessed with a sunny day? Don’t fret, these styles work on fresh-out-of-the-shower locks, too. And of course, each looks just as cute if you leave it up!

The Top Knot Twist

Pull wet hair back, gathering it at the the top of your head. Twist your locks and wind into a loose bun (if twisted too tight, hair won’t dry properly). Secure with bobby pins and let dry completely before taking down. 

The Double Bun Duo

Part wet hair down the middle forming two sections—one on each side of the head. Gather hair, one section at a time and twist into a loose bun on each side of the head. (Yep, you’re rocking a modern Leia look!) Secure with bobby pins, and let dry completely before taking down.

The Back Row Blender

Part wet hair down the middle and again along the sides, creating four sections. Twist each section, one at a time—not too tight—from front to back, away from the face. The twists on the right side should be clockwise, and the twists on the left counter clockwise to get curls to flow correctly. Twist the loose hair at the ends up into small buns at the base of each section and secure with pins along the back of the head. Let dry, unpin, and comb through with fingers.

The Finished Look: voluminous, flowing loose waves that will last all night!

Mischa’s Tips:

❀ Work a bit of mousse or gel into wet hair before twisting, to ensure your curls don’t lose their shape.
❀ More twists equal more curls, so keep that in mind when selecting a style.
❀ Finally, always make sure hair is completely dry before taking it down. Drying time varies by hair type and thickness, so experiment!