Solid Advice: The Best in Rock-Hard Beauty Products


From accidentally spilling your favorite foundation to leaky perfume bottles, liquid beauty products can be a pain. You run the risk of pouring a little too much, wasting product, and contaminating the packaging. It can get super pricey, too. The problem is that with liquid you never really know how much you’ve used until you’re scraping and squeezing those bottles for the last bit of product. Then, you wonder how you could have possibly gone through so many bottles of shampoo.

This year, it's time to try something new—and find solid, rock-hard beauty alternatives. From makeup to skin care, you’re bound to find something packed, pressed and hardened to fall in love with. 

If you’re a big traveler, you’ll save room in your luggage because solid beauty products take up less space—they can even be shaved off into small sample cups or cut down to a size you desire. Liquids can get messy when you have to transfer your favorite products into small travel-sized containers.

Some solid products can be bought without packaging so you’re also helping in the environment, and there are plenty of organic, natural, and vegan beauty products out there. If you’re looking for another alternative to preservatives found in some liquid brands, consider switching it up. Try some solid beauty picks below:

Solid Soap

Burt’s Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Replenishing Body Bar, $5

Arguably the most common solid beauty product around. Liquid body washes can get slippery, so try this sudsy alternative instead. The cranberries and pomegranate seeds help rejuvenate and condition rough skin.

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

Lush Stimulating and Reviving Minty Shampoo Bar, $12, and Lush Big Solid Conditioner, $10

Think about the amount of shampoo and conditioner you use and how much spills. It gets everywhere, and it’s so easy to use too much. Lush is well known for their solid body and hair products, and this new shampoo bar and conditioner leaves hair thicker and shinier. Their minty shampoo bar has a bit of cinnamon and clove to stimulate the scalp and spices and mint to help revive thinning hair. And their conditioner has coconut oil and seaweed for softness, as well as sea salt to add some big volume.

Solid Perfume

Tocca Beauty Solid Perfume, $30

You may have noticed the little stain that can sometimes appear on your clothes if you spritz too much perfume. It’s not attractive, so dab some solid perfume on your pulse points instead. This particular solid perfume is designed with gold accents that make the little container appear delicate and feminine. Even better—it takes up little-to-no room in your purse.

Solid Cleanser

Indie Lee Lavender Oatmeal Cleansing Bar, $6

Taking cleanser on a trip runs the risk of it spilling or running out. Using a cleansing bar will be to your advantage. This bar is 100% natural and filled with lavender oil to cleanse and oatmeal to exfoliate dull skin.

Solid Foundation

Napoleon Perdis Foundation Stick, $39

This small tube packs a huge punch when it comes to coverage. You can wear it sheer or full and it’s hypoallergenic. You’ll be able to scrape every last drop of product out of the packaging, and the matte finish looks flawless in photos.

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