Keep Your Teeth White and Bright This Holiday


Wine, coffee, tea—we know they’re the nemeses of our teeth-whitening routine, but who can resist all three, especially during the holidays? And with friends and family gathering around to celebrate the end of the year, who wants to get hung up on dental care? Beautylish spoke to some experts to bring you some of the easiest ways to keep your smile bright all through Silent Night.


The cosmetic dental experts at Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor recommend this quirky but easy tip: before pouring that glass of Pinot, coat your chompers in a thin layer of Vaseline for an invisible barrier. If you forgot to stock your party clutch with petroleum jelly, try munching on carrots or celery to remove stains mechanically. For immediate whitening, toss a whitening pen (we like Prime Time Smile’s slim, fast-working version) into your makeup bag alongside your blue-based red lipstick and apply after dinner (no eating or drinking for 30 minutes).


Sugary treats can bind to your teeth and cause bad breath or worse—cavities! If you’re caught with a pastry in one hand and an eggnog in the other, never fear! Stash a portable toothbrush in your bag (try Colgate Wisps) and brush away your confectionary faux pas. Or try Supersmile’s single-dose Powdered Mouthrinse (just add water to the packet and swish). Purely a grape-related issue? Wine Wipes come in a cute tin to discreetly remove wine stains while leaving behind glycerine residue to protect and an orange blossom flavor for a wine-complementing taste!


So you made merry with the wine and after-dinner coffee? No need to rush off to the dentist office for costly whitening treatments just yet. Popular whitening brand Go Smile just released the Truly Whitening Toothpaste, a two-tube system that promises white strip-caliber brightening when you are doing what you’re already doing—brushing morning and night.

Worrying about dental care during the holidays is as tedious as counting the calories on that Christmas ham. But with a few easy steps, you’ll come out of the season looking photo-ready as ever. Go on, flash that megawatt smile!