Building Your Kit Part 21: Post-Hangover Helpers


In this profession, you’ll inevitably have to deal with a client who’s coming from a wild night. Someone will plop down in your chair—model, musician, even a bride-to-be—who only had two hours of sleep, yet needs to look dewy and fresh for the day. While it’s important to remember we’re working with makeup and not magic, there are some tricks you can keep in your kit that help bring a face back to normal, even after it was out all night. Here are a few of tips that will help anybody (including, ahem, you) with a hangover, and will look as if they stayed in last night and got that coveted beauty rest.

Vitivia Pro Vitamin C10 | $55

As the outermost barrier of the body, the skin is constantly exposed to oxidative stress, UV radiation, and toxins like smoke, air pollution, and bacteria. Vitamin C can neutralize free radicals and protect against environmental damage from any of these pollutants. These capsules from Vitivia contain a pure liquid concentrate of vitamin C—break one open and apply the morning after a party, right before a skin care regime, or any time you need a boost.

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment | $35

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Apply around the eyes to erase signs of late nights. The super emollient cream lightens those telltale deep blue circles and helps to retain moisture around the delicate eye area, adding an instant glow. You appear bright-eyed even after one application. Also, it won’t compromise the texture of concealer or foundation.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm | $45

I keep this classic balm close by at all times, because it’s ideal for diminishing any signs of stress, fatigue, or too-much-fun nights. Using it is like bringing in the big guns—try it after a vitamin treatment (like Vitivia), in addition to moisturizer to quickly refresh your appearance. It works well on all skin types, tightening up the texture, and restoring radiance while also helping to set makeup and ensure a long-lasting color that stays true. It even helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

rms beauty Living Luminizer | $38

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This miracle product is a must-have for every makeup bag, Living Luminizer helps give a well-rested appearance in any situation. Swipe a little in the center of the lid or along the brow bone to make eyes look wide awake. Blend over the cheekbones or down the bridge of the nose for a natural-looking glow. Add a dab to the center of the lip for a plumping effect, even when you’re hungover and thin-lipped.

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara | $20

This 3-in-1, eye-opening mascara has a few key features for getting through a hangover. The long-wear formula adds much-needed curl to sleepy eyes; the brush lifts and coats each lash individually; and Smashbox’s exclusive Blue Prism Technology (a blend of mica, titanium, and blue pigment) brightens for a wide-awake look. It helps make even the reddest, bleariest eyes appear whiter.

Japonesque Precision Lash Curler - Metal | $13

Curled lashes really open up the eyes for anyone who is feeling a little lackluster. Japonesque’s tool is just right even for shaky hands. The stainless steel body is durable, and the non-slip silicone pads help you get a precise curl one section at a time—it won’t pinch or pull those deep set or difficult-to-curl lashes.   

Alcone Company Collyre Bleu Laiter Clear Blue Eye Drops | $35

A brilliant eye drop with a slight blue tint, it’s designed to counteract the dull yellow tinge that can appear in the whites of tired or overworked eyes. The result is brighter, clearer, more youthful looking eyes for any eye color. This product can hide a multitude of late-night sins.

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Candy | $21

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Just as Collyre Bleu drops make eyes look brighter, a blue-based lip gloss can help whiten and brighten the smile. Two of my favorites are Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Candy or Hello, blue-based pinks that make any mouth look better. Dab the gloss on the center of well-moisturized lips to take a look from “day-after” to “camera-worthy.”

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As Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine, makeup artist James Vincent has touched every facet of the industry with his talent. With specialties in film and theatre, television and celebrity work, editorial and runway work, James is foremast a passionate educator, training for brands such as MAC, Stila, CNN and Lancome. He continues to inspire the next wave of artists with his beauty expertise. Follow James on Twitter @JVincentmakeup.

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