Show your brows who’s boss!


A face isn't finished until the brows are done. If you only do one thing before you step out the door, giving the brows a little love will go a long way to looking put together. Finding the right shape for your face is essential to pulling it off but if you're like 99% of us, you've had a brow mishap (or two!) but if you follow these easy steps, you'll get it right, every time.

The key to getting the correct brow arch is to use the features of your face as a guide. Follow these easy steps to get those brows shaped up!

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STEP 1: Using a brush or brow pencil create a straight line from your nostril to the inside of your eye. This will determine the innermost point of the brow.

STEP 2: Now measure from your nostril to the outside of the eye. That will be the end-point of your brow.

STEP 3: Measuring from the nose to the pupil will indicate the high-point of your arch. 

Now you have the main points of your brow defined. 

STEP 4: Select the stencil that best fits your natural brow shape. The line at the top of the stencil should be parallel to the ground. Apply brow wax inside the stencil to give your brow powder something to stick to. 

STEP 5: Use brow powder or a brow pencil to fill in the shape of the stencil. Short strokes will give your brow a more natural, hair-like look.

STEP 6: Remove the stencil and finish the brow freehand. Clean up any edges and adjust  both sides to make sure they're symmetrical.

The left side shows before the brows were completed, the right side is the finished look.

And voila! Perfect brows every time!

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