The New Limited-Edition Goodies From Anna Sui You Won’t Want to Miss


You don’t have to be a long-time fan to know that Anna Sui is a Bohemian at heart. Her distinctive floral-boudoir style is recognizable in everything she does—from the design of her clothes and boutiques to her beauty collection. “I’m all about the thrill of adventure, the wanderlust of the open road, the romance of the journey!  I like nothing better than immersing myself in new cultures, disconnecting from the everyday,” Anna has said. It’s no surprise that the designer’s affinity for travel and the boho lifestyle was the inspiration behind her latest collection. A fleet of four limited-edition tin boxes shaped as ornate Bohemian wagons, each housing a 50 ml bottle of one of Anna’s favorite fragrances from her collections over the years, are the newest addition to her growing archive of collectors’ items.

Her vision came to fruition with the help of illustrator Michael Economy, who was also behind Anna’s iconic Dolly Girl bottles, which launched more than ten years ago. The top-handle tin boxes (in turquoise, yellow, pink, and purple) are patterned and illustrated in signature Sui style, complete with “wheels” and “windows”—there’s even one with Anna peeking out—and fasten shut. They’re totally display-worthy, but also functional and practically begging to be carried (lunch box, on-the-go storage bin, playful handbag, you name it).

Can’t decide which fragrance “caravan” to get? We’ve broken down each below. But trust us, you’ll want every single one—so scoop them while you can, exclusively on Beautylish!  

Secret Wish | $60

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Secret Wish is a fitting name for a fragrance topped with a glass fairy. Though the tropical-tinged scent was first released in 2005, it still smells modern. Sweet notes like lemon, melon, and pineapple are really apparent at first, but it soon blends into a mix of black currant, musk, and amber notes. It really melts into your skin, leaving a pretty-subtle aroma after a few hours. The blue-green color of the perfume itself is a perfect match for the turquoise caravan.

Flight of Fancy | $60

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Years later, this fragrance from 2007 is still one of our all-time favorites. And the intricate, peacock-shaped bottle topper isn’t the only reason—the scent itself is really unique. At first spritz you get a whiff of a fairly intense fruity-floral blend, that has citrus and lychee notes. Contrary to what you might think, it fades quickly into a soft floral, and ends with a musky note.

Fairy Dance | $60

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A pink tin and fairy figurine–adorned bottle are perfectly suited to a perfume called “Fairy Dance,” the classic scent from Anna’s 2012 collection. A floral spiciness mixed with tangerine comes to the forefront initially, followed by a soothing drydown of mango-woody notes.

La Vie De Bohème | $65

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This 2013 scent is the newest addition of the bunch to Anna’s range, and shares its name with a late 19th-century French novel (rough translation: the Bohemian life). The bottle is all feminine glam: a clear carved-rose glass bottle topped with a gold metal butterfly. Floral, berry, and wood notes make for a captivating scent, that feels so on point with the brand’s classy-yet-badass persona. When first applied, you’ll really detect the mix of berries, but after it’s been on the skin for a few minutes, the fruitiness becomes less intense. Fresh florals follow, before it all settles back down with a warm, woodsy-musk note.

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