See The Makeovers That Made Cancer Patients Smile, "If Only for A Second"


Nothing makes us more happy than seeing someone take part in a makeover that not only brings a smile to their face, but makes them forget about their problems—at least for a few minutes. Recently, the Belgian non-profit charity The Mimi Foundation teamed up with advertising giant Leo Burnett‘s France team for a special campaign that revolved around giving 20 cancer patients makeovers. And they weren't the makeovers you'd expect; the patients had to agree to keep their eyes closed during the makeover process. Don’t be fooled by the first half of the video—it starts out like the usual charitable makeover story, but you’ll soon realize it’s not. That’s all we’re going to say about it. You just have to trust us and take 3:44 minutes out of your day to watch. But consider yourselves warned: you may need a box of tissues!