Why We Love Big, Bold, Beautiful Brows!


Lock up the tweezers. Abandon the wax. In case you haven’t noticed, big, bold, beautiful brows are back! After a skinny scare in the ’90s (see Pam Anderson, Drew Barrymore, and Christina Aguilera), a new wave of stars like Camilla Belle, Rita Ora, Keira Knightly, Demi Lovato, and yes, even the Kardashians, are championing statement brows. We couldn’t be happier that the arch crusaders are making a comeback— especially after readingthis story about how many men and women are desperately shelling out $5,000 or more for eyebrow transplants. That alone is enough to make you want to go easy with the tweezers.

Of course, the trend is nothing new. Liz Taylor, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Connelly, and of course, a young Brooke Shields, have made big brows beautiful and iconic throughout the history of film and fashion. For example, what would the “Vogue” video be without Madonna’s full-on brows? Always ahead of her time, the “strike a pose” singer was on to the fact that brows are the most important piece of the facial structure puzzle. Not only do they provide shape but, according to many stylists, bigger brows are a symbol of confidence and power, and yup, youth.

That’s probably why noted brands Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit have built empires on the big, beautiful brow—both brands inspire customers to perfect their own natural arch shapes. They know all too well that when it comes to brows, bigger is better. Barrymore and Aguilera realized this only too recently (and look the better for it). Anderson, we still have to work on her.

After all the tweezing, plucking, waxing, threading, drawing, we’re lucky our brows even continue to come back. Let’s give them some TLC and let them grow. Even dare to leave the house with a few stray hairs out of place. No one will notice except that person who comments on how good your brows look.

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