Three DIY Epsom Salt Scrubs for Brighter Summer Skin


Our mothers taught us to run an Epsom salt bath after overdoing it at the gym. But did you know that the big bag of mineral salt in your bathroom cabinet has beauty benefits as well? The product’s beneficial properties have to do with its naturally occurring mineral compound of sulphate and magnesium. The former helps flush toxins, and the latter calms inflammation. Here are three DIY beauty treatments with Epsom (which you can buy pretty much anywhere) to get your whole body smooth and summer-ready.


There’s not a more inexpensive or easy addition to your exfoliating routine than this. Epsom crystals are smooth and gently abrasive, so they work on delicate facial skin. Simply add a 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite cleansing cream or lotion and gently massage all over your face in small circles. Use twice once or twice a week. That’s it!


In this recipe, the caffeine from the coffee in this scrub with help stimulate and constrict blood vessels for a tighter appearance. Tip: Use it before you crack open the self-tanning bottle for a more even application.


4 oz. Epsom salt
4 oz. coffee grounds
1 tsp. eucalyptus oil
Sesame oil to form a smooth paste (amount will vary; we used about 3 oz.)

Mix the Epsom salt with the coffee grounds in a bowl, then add both oils and stir well until the mixture is paste-like.

In the shower, wet your body and use a palmful to scrub your entire body. This works best if you scrub for a few minutes, standing away from the water. Rinse well. Instant glow!


Before you bring out the polish, give hard-working feet some TLC with this quick and easy callous-smoother.


1/2 cup Epsom salt
2 quarts warm water (in a bath or bucket)
Optional: your favorite essential oil

Dissolve the salt (and optional essential oil) into two quarts of warm water. Soak feet for 15–20 minutes. Massage your entire foot with another handful of Epsom salt, concentrating on the heels and ankles to get rid of any rough spots. Now you’re ready for a pedi!

Do you use Epsom salt in your routine? Tell us how in the comments.