4 Ways To Make Your Travel Beauty Kit Smaller


With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re always thinking about how to pack lighter. There are many ways to keep your beauty bag from taking over your carry-on (essentials in paper form, small Z•palettes, and products in TSA-approved sizes), and we endorse all of those. But sometimes, even 3.5 ounces of whatever is still too much, especially for one- or two-night trips, right?! Aside from saving sample packets of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner to bring on quick getaways, I use these four tricks, all of which involve recycling household items and using them in a new way.

1: Standard pill bottle

use for: lotion, body wash, hair serums, etc.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that prescription pill bottles are fairly spill-proof, and they’re the perfect size for bringing liquids to-go. The wide mouth makes them easy to fill, and if you save up a few, it makes it easier to pack and organize your kit because everything fits together. Simply wash and dry an empty bottle, then squeeze your must-have products and cap. If you’re using multiple containers for different products, label them using a permanent marker directly on the bottle (or on a sticker). I use one of these for my favorite styling cream, and a little dollop usually lasts me several trips.

2: Contact lens case

use for: cream, liquid, or powder makeup

Another cheap, spill-proof vessel you can get at just about any drugstore, and one that takes up almost no space. This is the same idea as using a daily pill organizer to consolidate and carry several makeup products, only smaller. You get two ideally sized compartments for whatever you like. Use a spatula or cotton swab to transfer, cap, and that’s it! (I do a multipurpose cheek-lip color on one side, and concealer on the other, and call it a day.) It’s the perfect pared-down palette. You can also store about 2–3 days worth of liquid foundation if you use both compartments, depending on how much you typically put on.

3: Business cards

use for: storing hair elastics and bobby pins

What can’t you do with a business card, really? For me, there’s no better thing for keeping bobby pins and hair elastics organized and easy to find in your dopp kit. While traveling, I also use a card to keep my lids and brow-bones clean and smudge-free when applying mascara.

4: Dental floss container

use for: DIY travel cotton swab kit

The little flip-cap containers your floss comes in are handier than you might realize. All you need to do is pop out the little blade and wheel, wash and dry the inside, and you have a mini, secure box. Instead of buying travel-size cotton swab packs, I cut some in half and store them in an empty floss container. It's the most practical instant little DIY ever!

What unexpected things do you use to pack light? Share in the comments!

The model is wearing RGB Nail Polish in Toast.

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