Your Must-Have Fall Lipstick


One morning a few weeks ago, my stylish co-worker Amelia sauntered past my desk and waved hello—and her lipstick caused me to do a bonafide double-take. This is a woman who regularly wears a bold lip, but the hue she was rocking that morning was on a whole new level. It was an opaque, poppy-red color, matte but not flaky, and exquisitely applied. I had to find out about this mystery product gracing her lips.

Amelia leaned in, like she was divulging a secret: “It’s Stila’s new liquid lipstick.” When I ran into her again later that afternoon, I couldn’t help but gush about how great her lipstick still looked. She casually informed me, a twinkle in her eye, that she hadn’t even reapplied.

I was sold.

The following day, I went shopping to get my hands (err, lips) on my own tube of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22). I was searching for a darker, cold-weather red I could wear around the office and out to happy hour, too. I couldn’t resist trying all ten shades, from baby pink Bellissima to bright coral Tesoro, the shade Amelia wore so gorgeously.

The product is opaque, so it really saturates lips in color, without the drying effect or smudge-factor of traditional stains and lipsticks. But what I love most, is how smooth it goes on. It’s obedient, staying exactly where you put it with no bleeding, which gives an “I just got my makeup done professionally“ impression. The creamy formula also has vitamin E and avocado oil, so your lips stay hydrated.

I was waffling between a few shades when something clicked, and I knew I had found the hue: Patina. It’s a deep red with cool plum undertones, which makes your teeth seem whiter by comparison. It’s practically made for sweater weather. I’ve worn it everywhere this fall, from an Oktoberfest street festival during the day to a late-night bowl-a-thon. It has serious staying power, even while you’re busy eating, drinking, and being merry. I’ve found I only need to reapply about once a day!

What lip products can't you live without right now?

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