Mad About Mauve: The Mauve Lipstick Review


Mauve can be a tricky color. Is it pink or purple? Plum or beige? Brown, maybe? Well, it’s sort of a mix of those, which makes it the ultimate color to have in your makeup kit. But there are so many different variations out there that it can be hard to tell what’s actually part of the mauve color family and what’s not, and which one is right for you. We sifted through a bunch of mauve lipsticks, before settling on these nine as our favorites for fall.  Which do you like best?


Lip Perfection Lipstick in #265 Romance | $5.99

A thick formula that glides easily on lips and leaves a slight iridescent finish. It’s a good, budget mauve to have on hand, even though the scent is a little unpleasant. To avoid getting too much of a taste of it, you can do that old trick to remove color from the inside of your lips: after you apply the color, put your index finger in your mouth and slowly pull it out.

Inglot Cosmetics

Lipstick in #411 Matte | $13 | shop it

This moisturizing lipstick falls on the pink end of the mauve spectrum. The berry undertones make it a standout shade for people with dark complexions. Considering the color, formula, and relative affordabiliy, it’s a great option.

Vapour Organic Beauty

Siren Lipstick in #403 Desire | $22

A hydrating lipstick made from all plant-based ingredients. The slim lavender tube is perfectly shaped for creating a full lip without liner. The best of the bunch to use on a daily basis.


Tinted Lip Conditioner in Desert Angel | $24 | shop it

Packaged in a luxurious metal tube, this formula is lightweight, with absolutely no greasiness. The color is slightly transparent but beautiful, and great for amping up natural looks.  

Laura Mercier

Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in Cafè | $24

The thin shape makes application flawless and smooth, even on the first try! The color is a balmy coffee-pink with a matching sweet smell.  


Lipstick in Tolede | $26

The ultimate pink-mauve that would flatter almost anyone. It’s one of those “like your lips, but better” shades. The fact that it’s super moisturizing seemingly has no effect on its staying power, either.** **

Armani Beauty

Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in #508 Daybreak | $34

Extremely balmy, this lipstick coats the lips with a thick, buttery layer of a pink-tone color. The thick formula helps plump the lips, that creates a sexy end result. The magnetized red metal packaging makes it feel super glamorous and worth every penny!  

Clé De Peau Beauté

Extra Rich Lipstick Silk in #206 | $40

The sculptural case is enough to marvel at, not to mention the jewel-like, multi-faceted shape of the velvety product itself. (It’s actually easy to apply even though it looks like it might not be.) It’s the ultimate high-end lipstick that everyone’s talking about, because it’s both gorgeous and quite a splurge (the refillable case costs $25 extra).