25 Halloween Looks: The Best Of 2013


Today is the day we have anxiously been waiting for: Halloween! Besides having an excuse to eat a ton of candy, our favorite part of the holiday is, hands down, the makeup. And we have to say how impressed and inspired we were by all of the looks created by the Beautylish Community this year. You guys did such an amazing job on your makeup, hair, nails that you may even be able to pass on the actual costumes. Here are 25 of our favorite looks—and was hard to narrow it down this much. We can't wait to see what you do next year.

1: Frankenstein

Follow Kelly W.

2: Mars Attack!

Follow Tasia G.

3: Zombie

Follow Manon D.

4. Pumpkins & Ghosts

Follow KiraKiraNail K.

5: Scar

Follow Breanna B.

6: Ruffles The Clown

Follow Alexys F.

7: Maleficent

Follow Donnie J.

8: Cheshire Skeleton

Follow Emily Y.

9: Hellraiser

Follow Cammie S.

10: Neon Halloween

Follow Kay SinClair N.

11: Nightmare On Elm Street

Follow Ashley E.

12: Zarkina

Follow Zakahia T.

13: Shattered

Follow Papoose N.

14: Cute Creepies

Follow Jasmine L.

15: Mad Dog

Follow Joanne R.

16: Terminator

Follow Jade D.

17: Sexy Kitty

Follow Tatiana W.

18: Dark Side of the Moon

Follow Rosalina Y.

19: Scary Doll

Follow Angie M.

20: Bane

Follow Megan T.

21: Shell & Bone

Follow VooDoo B.

22: Green & Black Mani

Follow Zekri I.

23: Pumpkin Faces

Follow MadJennsy N.

24: Vampire

Follow Angelika N.

25: Trick-Or-Treat

Follow Olga B.

_If you haven't yet, show us your Halloween looks below in the comments!  _