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Sleeping Beauty 


Sleeping beauty

Living in today's fast paced world can take a toll on the mind, body, and skin. Whether you’re working, raising a family, or going to school, the one thing everyone needs is their beauty sleep. Without it, your skin can start to appear sallow and dark circles will seem impossible to conceal. Take a cue from your favorite Disney Princess, like Aurora or Snow White because being trapped in a deep slumber for years may not have been a curse after all. Their healthy glow and creamy complexions are the envy of women everywhere, and they can thank the healthy amount of sleep they got. 

Sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t do the trick. Sleep is so precious that every minute should count. Try these simple steps to help wiggle in a few extra seconds in dreamland.

Soak In the Tub

Having a bubble bath to help ease sore muscles is a great way to set the mind at rest before turning in for the night. Try a bath treatment like The Body Shop's Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float.  Infused with chamomile and milk protein that will help calm the body, this treatment is a great way to start a peaceful night. 

Use a Scented Cream

Try calming scents to relax the body. Lavender, vanilla, and camomile can all help you unwind. Massaging on a fragranced body butter (or oil if you need a bit of extra moisture) will soothe the body, and will guarantee you'll also wake up with soft smooth skin. A Lavender/Shea Butter Moisturizer from Kiss My Face will do the trick. While the lavender regenerates and repairs cells, the shea butter will soften and protect dry or sensitive skin. 

Spray Your Pillow

Some people are actually allergic to scented lotions. Or the scent can become too much and prevent you from falling asleep. Instead, try a pillow mist. Lightly spray a bit of pillow mist on your pillow or sheets before you go to bed. The scent will become a subtle sleep enhancer. We recommend Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist

Don't forget to let us know what your favorite tip is for falling asleep. 

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